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In the Cripple Creek district, west of and not far from Pike's Peak, in Colorado, are the richest gold mines in the world. So marvelous has been the growth of this camp since its inception, in 1893, that it has attracted the attention of investors and prospectors from all sections of the United States, and from foreign countries.

Today, Cripple Creek is a word to conjure with. It stands for wealth-making opportunities that rarely occur. The largest mines have an annual capacity aggregating millions of dollars. The gold-bearing zone is an extensive one, and important discoveries of new bodies of ore are of frequent occurrence.

The Santa Fe Route (in connection with the Colorado Midland and Midland Terminal lines) is the nost direct and only through broad-gauge line from San Francisco, Los Angeles, El Paso, and intermediate cities to Cripple Creek. Luxurious Pullmans, free chair cars, fastest time, and low rates.

Address G.T. Nicholson, G.P.A., Chicago, for copy of profusely illustrated book descriptive of the Cripple Creek District.

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