First page of the Borderman manuscript

in the handwriting of Fred Ronstadt

Before I say anything about
myself I wish to note down a
few things about my father and
my mother. My father Frederick
Augustus Ronstadt was born in Hanover
Germany and educated at the University
of the same city. His father's name
was Godfrey Ronstadt and as far
as we know he had only one sister
named Henrietta. He came from
Germany with a group of engineers
to Buenos Aires, from there by
mule back across the Andes to
Chile and by water to San Francis
co. From San Francisco overland
to San Diego and Arizona + Sonora
in the early Fifties. In the records
of the Arizona Pioneers Historical
Society there is a paper telling
of a report made by my father at
that time on what was then the
Ajo mine. Mr. Sam Hughes knew
about this and he told me about
this paper. In Sonora my father
found ready occupation not only
in mining work but in managing
the large Haciendas

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This image is part of the Ronstadt Family archive at The University of Arizona Library

Last updated 26 August 1997