Fred Ronstadt & Family


Lupe Dalton, bookkeeper - 1903
F. Ronstadt Company

Lupe and Fred Ronstadt were married
on February 14, 1904

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Fred Ronstadt family, 1924
Edward, Fred & Gilbert (back left to right)
William, Lupe & Alfred (front left to right)

Richard Redondo Ronstadt
(Fred's brother)
Tucson businessman
circa 1903

loaned by Edward F. Ronstadt

José María (Pepe) Ronstadt
brother & business associate
circa 1914
Pepe served as Tucson's postmaster
during Woodrow Wilson's presidency

loaned by Edward F. Ronstadt

Luisa Ronstadt Kassler (Luisa Espinel)
Fred and Sara's eldest daughter
circa 1936

Photograph by Lansing Brown
loaned by Edward F. Ronstadt

Information about
Luisa's musical contributions

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