Lupe Dalton's Parents & Family

Papa and Mama on their wedding day Oct 4 1878 - from verso

Lupe Dalton's Parents
Maria Jesus Vasquez Dalton
& Winnall Agustin Dalton

V. Wolfenstein, Temple Block,
Los Angeles, Cal

Dalton and Vasquez Families, 1890

left to right: Josefa Vasquez, Natalie Dalton,
Concepcion Suastegui, Hortense Dalton,
W.A. Dalton, Henry Dalton,
Mrs. W.A. Dalton, Lupe Dalton,
Rosa Herras, Amelia (Herras) Vasquez,
Adolfo Vasquez, small girl-Laura Vasquez,
small boy-Raul Vasquez

loaned by Edward F. Ronstadt

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