Title: Tucson's Ronstadt Family, with an illustration 
from an old F. Ronstadt Co. commercial letterhead

Widely known for the hardware store that bears its name, the Ronstadt family has made a remarkable contribution to the cultural and commercial history of the American Southwest. This internet exhibition records the contributions of a pioneer Tucson family and features some of the abundant historical materials relating to Tucson's past, which are preserved for posterity in the Special Collections department at The University of Arizona Library.

The arrival of 14 year old Federico José María Ronstadt in Arizona marked the beginnings of an influence that would transform the definitions of craftsmanship, commerce, health care, music, and civic responsibility in a western frontier territory on the verge of statehood.

This profound impact on Tucson's formation and growth from rural village to urban metropolis is richly documented in the Ronstadt Family Papers. A small portion of the manuscript, printed and photographic archive is now available to a worldwide audience. Join us in celebrating the heritage of our state and region.

Ronstadt Family contributions to:

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The Ronstadt Family internet exhibition, a work in progress, is being created by Robert Hershoff of the Library Information Systems Team with Janys Neill of the Fine Arts and Humanities Team at The University of Arizona Library. Comments and suggestions for the improvement of this site are appreciated and may be directed to ONeillK@u.library.arizona.edu

This exhibition was made possible by generous support from the Ronstadt family.

Last updated 5 January 1999