Foreign Travel

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Japan, November 1-7, 1961
(attends Joint U.S.-Japan Committee On Trade and Economic Affairs)

     Hiking up Japan's Mt. Figi                 Dinner on Japan's Hokkaido
     (1961)                                              island

Russia, August 28-September 9, 1962
(Tours power utilities in Siberian industrial areas)

     Touring power utilities in            Attending a meeting on
     Siberia                                      Russian power utilities
     (1962)                                      (1962)

     Touring a power utilities
     plant in Russia

Africa, September 4-16, 1963
(Studies conservation efforts and climbs Mount Kilimanjaro)

     A camp meeting on                    Climbing Africa's            Trip to Africa
    Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro             Mt. Kilimanjaro              (1963)
     (1963)                                       (1963)

Venezuela, March 8-14, 1964

     Inauguration of                Inauguration of Venezuela's
     Venezuela's                     President Raul Leoni
     President Raul                 (1964)

     Inauguration of Venezuela's
     President Raul Leoni


The Middle East, February 2-12, 1967

   Middle East trip,                  Middle East trip,
   Saudi Arabia                       Saudi Arabia 
   (1967)                                (1967)

     Middle East trip, Saudi Arabia           Middle East trip, Saudi Arabia
     (1967)                                               (1967)

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