Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall inspects an Apollo
prototype space suit worn by John Marburger, during his
tour of the Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas.

Accompanying Udall were Dr. Morris Tepper (seated, facing camera),
Deputy Director of Space Applications and Director of Meteorology,
NASA Headquaters, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Thomas F. Bates
(seated in lower right corner), Assistant and Science Advisor to the
Secretary of the Interior; Robert O. Piland (seated, right background,
hand on glasses), Manager, Experiments Program Office; and
Dr. William T. Pecora, (seated next to Piland), Director of
the Geological Survey. Standing at left (wearing a sports coat) is
Richard S. Johnston, Chief, Crew Systems Division.  (April 6, 1967)
(photograph by National Aeronautics and Space Administration)