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1.General map of the region.


2. Sketch map of Forestdale ruins.
3. Plan of Tundastusa ruin.
4. General view of Tundastusa ruin.
5. View of Kiva.
6. View on Acropolis.
7. View of wall of Acropolis.
8. Bird-form mortuary vase and bowl.
9. Paint cup and double bowl.
10. Bowl of Gila type and handled vase.
11. Mortuary vases of gray ware.
12. Fetiches of pottery and stone, and scrapers.
13. Bone implements.


14. Stone and bone implements.


15. Plan of Pottery Hill ruin.
16. Plan of smaller ruin near Linden.
17. Circular portion of small ruin near Linden, Ariz.
18. Gray ware.
19. Bowls of gray ware.
20. Bowls of red ware with exterior decoration.


21. Plan of Huning ruin.


22. Plan of ruin.


23. Plan of ruin.
24. Bowls of gray ware.
25. Bowls of gray ware.
26. Vases of gray ware.
27. Rugose bowl, red ware, side and back.
28. Rugose bowl, side and back.
29. Canteen and handled vase.


30.Sketch map of ruins.
31. Handled vases, gray ware.
32. Bird and other forms, gray ware.
33. Bowls of gray ware.
34. Bowls of gray ware.
35. Bowls of red ware.
36. Vases, coiled and red ware.
37. Stone axes, mortar and pestle.


38. Sketch map of region.
39. Plan of ruin 1.
40. Plan of ruin 2.
41. Plan of ruin 3.
42. Polychrome bowl and painted stone tablet.
43. Outfit of medicine man.
44. Plan of ruin 4.
45. Coiled ware.
46. Bowls of rugose and red ware, white exterior decoration.
47. Red bowls with white exterior decoration.
48. Red and brown bowl, exterior and interior decoration.
49. Red and brown bowl, exterior decoration.
50. Bowls of gray ware.
51. Vases of gray ware.
52. Pipes from ancient pueblos.
53. Plan of Milky Hollow ruin.

Stone Axe Ruin, Petrified Forest Reserve.

54. Plan of ruin.
55. Stone implements.
56. Bone, pottery, shell, and stone objects.
57. Large vase, polychrome ware.
58. Bowl and vase, yellow ware.
59. Bowls, yellow ware.
60. Bowls showing symbolism.
61. Bowls, white and Gila ware.
62. Bowls, yellow-brown and red, with white line.
63. Bowls, red ware.
64. Vases with animal handles.


65. Sketch map of group of ruins.
66. Plan of ruin on bluff.
67. 1. Black Butte; 2. Ruin in front of Butte.
68. Bowls, yellow ware.
69. Bowls, yellow ware.
70. Dipper, cup, and handled bowl.
71. Vases with bird decoration.
72. Vases of yellow-brown, and lemon yellow.
73. Vase of orange color.
74. Bowl, red ware, green decoration.
75. Bowls of polychrome ware.
76. Bowls of white ware.
77. Vases of white ware.
78. Dipper and vase, gray ware.
79. Small vessels, gray ware.
80. Coiled ware.
81. Stone implements.


82. Sketch map of ruins.
83. General view, of Kokopnyama ruin.
84. Cist in rocks, Kokopnyama.
85. Excavating in the talus, Kokopnyama.
86. Hair tied with hair cord, Kokopnyama.
87. Coiled basketry, Kokopnyama.
88. General view from Kawaiokuh.
89. Decorations on wall of room, Kawaiokuh.
90. Potters' kiln, two views, Kawaiokuh.
91. Burials in house cemetery, Kawaiokuh.
92. Jar under floor of room, Kawaiokuh.
93. Small pottery vessels, Kawaiokuh.
94. Vase of parrot form (Gates collection), Kawaiokuh.
95. Vases of gray ware, Kawaiokuh.
96. Small ornaments and figurines, Kawaiokuh.
97. Basketry and matting, Kawaiokuh.
98. Pottery showing application of color, Kawaiokuh.
99. Bowls showing symbolism and color, Kawaiokuh and Kokopnyama.
100. Pottery showing color and symbolism, Kawaiokuh.
101. Food bowls showing bird symbolism.

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