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THERE are ten military posts belonging to the Department of Arizona, commanded by Colonel August V. Kautz, Colonel of the Eighth U. S. Infantry, Brevet Major-general, U. S. A.

Fort Whipple, Department Headquarters, is one mile north from Prescott, in latitude 34° 30′ north, and longitude 35° 301/2′ west from Washington.

Fort Whipple was first located at Chino Valley, twenty-two miles north from Prescott, in 1863, and removed to its present site in 1866. Capacity of the fort, two companies of cavalry, and one of infantry. Altitude six thousand feet. Commandant of Post, Lieutenant-colonel J. D. Wilkins of the Eighth Infantry.

Camp Verde is in the Verde Valley, forty-two miles nearly east from Prescott. Camp established in 1864. Altitude 3,500 feet. Latitude 34° 34′ north, longitude 35° west from Washington. Capacity four companies. Commandant, Captain George M. Brayton, Eighth Infantry. Company B of Indian Scouts,

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forty strong, with Al. Seiber, guide and scout, is attached to Camp Verde.

Camp McDowell is thirty-five miles east from Phœnix, a two company post, situated in latitude 33° 40′ north, longitude 34° 40′ west from Washington. Commandant, Captain Augustus W. Corliss, Eighth Infantry.

Camp Mohave is on the Colorado River, 325 miles above Yuma, and ten below Hardyville, in latitude 35° 24′ north, longitude 37° 35′ west from Washington. Established in 1858. Capacity, three companies. It is a pleasant and agreeable post, on a high bank overlooking the Colorado River, and about one hundred and ninety miles nearly west from Prescott. Commandant, Major Henry R. Mizner.

Camp Lowell is on the Rillito1 Creek, six miles east from Tucson. Capacity, four companies. Latitude 32° 12′ north, longitude 33° 52′ west. Altitude 2,200 feet. Commandant, Captain John N. Andrews, Eighth Infantry.

Camp Bowie was established in 1863, and for many years it was one of the most important posts in the Territory, being surrounded by hostile Indians. It is in the noted Apache Pass, one hundred miles east from Tucson. Latitude 32° 41′ north, longitude 32° 25′ 30′ west. Capacity, three companies. Commandant, Captain Curwen B. McLellan of the Sixth Cavalry.


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Camp Apache is in the White Mountain country, well towards the east line of the Territory, an isolated post, but one of the most pleasant on the continent. It is on the south bank of White River, which is well stocked with mountain trout, and in a section of country abounding in bear, deer, and wild turkeys. Altitude about 6,000 feet. Commandant, Captain Frederick D. Ogilby of the Eighth Infantry. Capacity four companies.

Camp Grant, headquarters and band of the Sixth Cavalry, is located at the base of Mount Graham, in latitude 32° 48′ north, longitude 32° 38′ west. Capacity three companies. Commandant, Major Charles E. Compton, Sixth Cavalry.

Fort Yuma is on the California side of the Colorado River, opposite Yuma. It is on a bluff one hundred feet above the river, having an altitude of 260 feet. Latitude 32° 23′ north, longitude 37° 36′ west. Capacity three companies. Commandant, Major Thomas S. Dunn of the Eighth Infantry.

Camp Thomas is a new post, on the Gila River, near old Camp Goodwin. One company is stationed here under the command of Captain C. M. Bally, Eighth Infantry.

Company A, Indian Scouts, is posted at Camp Apache, and Company C at Camp Bowie.

In addition to the regular posts, there are four supply depots belonging to the Department of Arizona, as follows:—

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San Diego, California, Ordnance Stores, under the charge of Sergeant Michael Donovan.

Whipple Depot, in charge of Captain John Simpson, A. Q. M., Assistant Depot Quartermaster.

Yuma Depot, in charge of Captain George W. Bradley, Depot Quartermaster.

Ehrenburg Depot, in charge of Second Lieutenant A. G. Tassin, A. A. Q. M. and A. C. S.

The officers of the Military Department of Arizona are good and true men, and will compare favorably with those in any other department. The character of most of them is above reproach, and in this respect the Commandant of the Department sets an example to his inferiors worthy of imitation.

The officers not specially named as commandants of the several military posts are as follows:—

Colonel August V. Kautz, Eighth Infantry, Brevet Major-general U. S. Army, Commanding the Department.

20.1. Personal Staff.

First Lieutenant F. A. Whitney, Eighth Infantry, Aid-de-camp.

First Lieutenant E. D. Thomas, Fifth Cavalry, Aid-de-camp and En. Officer.

First Lieutenant G. S. Anderson, Sixth Cavalry, Aid-de-camp.

20.2. Department Staff.

Major James P. Martin, Assistant Adjutant-general, Prescott, A. T.

First Lieutenant Thomas Wilhelm, Adjutant Eighth Infantry, Acting Assistant Adjutant-general, Prescott, A. T.

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Major James Biddle, Sixth Cavalry, Acting Assistant Inspector-general, Prescott, A. T.

Major C. A. Reynolds, Q. M., Chief Quartermaster, Prescott, A. T.

Captain Thomas Wilson, Com. of Sub., Chief Commissary of Subsistence, Prescott, A. T.

Surgeon James C. McKee, Medical Director, Prescott, A. T.

Major Rodney Smith, Paymaster U. S. A., Chief Paymaster, Prescott, A. T.

20.3. Quartermaster's Department.

Captain George W. Bradley, A. Q. M., Depot Quartermaster, Yuma, A. T.

Captain G. C. Smith, A. Q. M., Post Quartermaster, Camp Grant, A. T.

Captain James H. Lord, A. Q. M., Disbursing Officer, Tucson, A. T.

Captain John Simpson, A. Q. M., Assistant Depot Quartermaster, Whipple, A. T.

20.4. Medical Department.

Assistant Surgeon Henry M. Cronkhite, Post Surgeon, Camp Verde, A. T.

Assistant Surgeon Leonard Y. Loring, Post Surgeon, Fort Yuma, Cal.

Assistant Surgeon J. C. Worthington, Post Surgeon, Fort Whipple, A. T.

Assistant Surgeon Walter Reed, Post Surgeon, Camp Lowell, A. T.

Assistant Surgeon J. de B. W. Gardiner, Post Surgeon, Camp Apache, A. T.

Assistant Surgeon R. L. Rosson, Post Surgeon, Camp Grant, A. T.

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Assistant Surgeon H. G. Burton, Post Surgeon, Camp Bowie, A. T.

20.5. Pay Department.

Major James R. Roche, Paymaster, Tucson, A. T.

Major William M. Maynadier, Paymaster, Yuma, A. T.

20.6. Post Chaplains.

Alexander Gilmore, Fort Whipple, A. T.

Preston Nash, Camp Lowell, A. T.


1. Ri-ye-to.

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