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PRICES are given in greenbacks, as that is the currency of the Territory, though on and near the Colorado River a specie basis prevails to some extent:—

With the present price of lumber and material for building, it costs about thirty per cent. more to build than in the States east of the Rocky Mountains. Houses and stores can be rented at about the same comparative rates as it would cost to build. Scores of families on arriving in the Territory live for months in tents or under wagon covers, until they have time and opportunity to select a permanent home and erect suitable buildings. The climate is so mild and pure they suffer no ills or danger from sickness by so doing. Many who came to the Territory in its early days lived for years in this way, buoyed up by, the hope that in a few years a home and a competency would be obtained.

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In most instances that hope has been more than fulfilled, and though harassed for years by roving bands of the savage Apaches, stock driven off, and crops destroyed, most of the early settlers are now above want, and have homes, houses, and lands, which will compare favorably with those of the Northern and Eastern States.

The foregoing brief description of Arizona, of its soil, climate, and productions; of its minerals and mines; of its prehistoric ruins and grand scenery, is given to the public with the hope that it will attract that attention which its importance demands, and assist to some extent in hastening the time when the Territory will be filled with a numerous and happy people, and when Arizona will become what nature has destined her to be, the coming country of the continent.

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