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WHEN the author entered Arizona, in 1874, he had little thought of being able to gather material for a work on the country. Sick, weak, and debilitated, caused by long years of suffering from bronchial and pulmonary diseases, his greatest hope was to write up descriptive articles of the country for the Press in different sections of the Union. In a few months, the mild, healthful, and pure climate had worked a radical change, giving promise of restored health, and with this change, coupled with the request and solicitation of hundreds of Arizona's best citizens, came the desire to write up in book form whatever might be gathered by a thorough exploration of the Territory. In addition to copies of over five hundred communications published by different newspapers in widely different sections of the United States, a full record was kept day by day of everything seen and learned during his long explorations, a brief account of which is given in these pages. The sole object of the author has been to write a

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truthful and accurate description of the Territory as it now is, and to give to the public reliable information concerning it. With the wish that this work, though far from complete, may contribute to the development and future prosperity of Arizona, and with unbounded confidence in the future of that great country, it is given to the public, with the hope that it may be read with care and criticised with forbearance.


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