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The contributions and suggestions made by those who reviewed all or portions of this book are deeply appreciated. My thanks to you for your time and effort.


Wilford R. Gardner, Department of Soil and Water Science

Lloyd W. Gay, School of Renewable Natural Resources

Francis D. Hole, Professor of Soil Science Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

Allan D. Matthias, Department of Soil and Water Science

Steven P. McLaughlin, Office of Arid Lands Studies

H. Wesley Peirce, Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology

Gary Peterson, Professor of Soil Science, Pennsylvania State University

I thank my colleagues named below from the University of Arizona, the Offices of the State Climatologist and the State Soil Scientist, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for their help, suggestions, support and encouragement.

Anne G. Bailey Barbara S. Hutchinson Kenneth Renard
Anthony J. Brazel Charles F. Hutchinson Sol D. Resnick
B.P. Cardon Jack D. Johnson Stephen J. Reynolds
Anna L. Elias-Cesnik George A. Kew Shirley Roberts
L. T. Clark Lorraine B. Kingdon Patricia A. St. Germaine
Karen L. Coonce Joseph R. La Voie Susan M. Scalero
Larry A. Crowder Floyd McCormick Jr. Robert B. Scarborough
K. James DeCook Edgar J. McCullough Barbara P. Sears
L. W. "Pete" Dewhirst Thomas G. McGarvin Robert L. Smith
Monika C. Escher William L. Nutting Allyn G. Spence
Daniel J. Farrell Patricia Paylore Mary R. Traynor
Kennith E. Foster Susan A. Pearce Mercy A. Valencia
Edward G. Frisch Douglas Pease Emily E. Whitehead
Lay James Gibson Ian L. Pepper N. Gene Wright
Hector J. Gonzales Janice E. Raffler
Douglas H. Graham Richard W. Reeves

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Illustration Credits

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