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The valleys of Southern California, and Nevada sustain only a scanty growth of greasewood, and in some localities sage-brush. Generally, however, in the Sierras and the more elevated mountains white-pine and scrub-cedar are found. This obtains in the Clarke Mountains at Ivanpah, and in the Spring Mountains at Potosi, and to the north.

In the mountains about Saint George considerable pine is found, and at the head of the Grand Wash a dense growth of cedar.

The Colorado plateau is densely wooded in some localities. Near the western limit thickets of scrub-cedar and some pine are found. The Black Forest, mentioned by Lieutenant Ives, is a dense growth of juniper.

Near Bill Williams' Mountain the timber is principally pine with a few scrub-oaks. Along the road from Camp Verde to Camp Apache, especially near the edge of the Colorado plateau, heavy growths of pine and juniper are met with.

Camp Apache is in a heavily wooded district. The Mogollon Mountains and the country near the east and west forks of White Mountain River are covered with pine and juniper. The Natanes mesa is also well wooded, and the Pinal Mountains, farther south; the creek of that name is bordered with cottonwoods, and near its source a few oaks are found, and generally the mountain country north of the site of Camp Pinal is more or less heavily wooded with pine and juniper.

In the country to the south and along the Gila, cottonwoods are found near the river, while mesquit and palo verde grow farther back, on the edge of the mesa; beyond this only stray mesquit and greasewood are noticed, and an occasional palo verde.

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