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Journal of Arizona History Articles

The Journal of Arizona History is published quarterly by the Arizona Historical Society, an agency of the State of Arizona. The Journal of Arizona History's Editor-in-Chief is Bruce J. Dinges and William H. Broughton is Associate Editor.

Articles linked to this page appear with the permission of the authors and AHS. These articles greatly contribute to making scholarly publications on Arizona and the Southwest available to students, researchers and the public.

Volume 38, Number 3, Autumn 1997

Dorich, Thomas J. This is a Tough Place to Work: Industrial Relations in the Jerome Mines, 1900-1922 Volume 38, Autumn 1997, p. 233-256.

Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 1997

Walz, Eric. The Issei Community in Maricopa County: Development and Persistence in the Valley of the Sun, 1900-1949 Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 1997, p. 1-22.

Volume 37, Number 3, Autumn 1996

Santiago, Mark. Eighteenth-Century Military Policy In Northern New Spain: A Review Essay Volume 37, Autumn 1996, p. 283-290.

Volume 37, Number 2, Summer 1996

Underhill, Karen J. I REMEMBER: Depression-Era Students at Arizona State Teachers College, Volume 37, Summer 1996, p. 163- 180

Volume 36, Spring 1995

Eppinga, Jane. Henry O. Flipper in the Court of Private Land Claims: The Arizona Career of West Point's First Black Graduate Volume 36, Spring 1995, p.33-54

Volume 23, Autumn 1982

McBride, James D. Gaining a Foothold in the Paradise of Capitalism: The Western Federation of Miners and The Unionization of Bisbee Volume 23, Autumn 1982, p. 299-316.

Volume 21, Autumn 1980

Fong, Lawrence M. Sojourners and Settlers: The Chinese Experience in Arizona Volume 21, Autumn 1980, p. 1-30

Hu-Dehart, Evelyn. Immigrants to a Developing Society: the Chinese in Northern Mexico, 1875-1932 Volume 21, Autumn 1980, p. 49-86

Volume 18, Summer 1977

Park, Joseph F. The 1903 'Mexican Affair' at Clifton Volume 18, Summer 1977, p. 119-148.

Byrkit, James W. The I.W.W. in Wartime Arizona Volume 18, Summer 1977, p. 149-170.

Watson, Fred. Recollections of a Bisbee Deportee: Still on Strike! Volume 18, Summer 1977, p. 171-184.

Overstreet, Daphne. On Strike! The 1917 Walkout at Globe, Arizona Volume 18, Summer 1977, p. 197-218.

Volume 15, Summer 1974

Wilson, Marjorie Haynes. Governor Hunt, the 'Beast' and the Miners Volume 15, Summer 1974, p. 119-138.

Lee, Katie. Gail Gardner and the Sierry PetesVolume 15, Summer 1974, p. 209-222.

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