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To meet the growing demand for information concerning the Territory of Arizona, the Legislature, at the session of 1880–81, authorized the publication of this pamphlet. In the following pages the author has endeavored to present this information in such a compact and concise form as would more fully meet the many inquiries of people desirous of coming to the Territory, and at the same time convey to the general public a comprehensive idea of the country, and its vast and varied resources. The facts presented have been gained by personal observation, during a residence of several years in the Territory, and it is believed they constitute a full and impartial description of Arizona as it is to-day—its mineral, pastoral, and agricultural resources, towns, and settlements, with a glance at its past history and a few words regarding its future prospects. This being a publication authorized by the representatives of the people and paid for out of the public treasury, having no private scheme to advance, or no private interest to foster, the exact truth has been sought and the statements can be considered reliable. No portion of the Territory has been overlooked and no material interest has been neglected. While not claiming for this compilation exemption from all errors or mistakes, it is believed that such only will be found as are inseparable from a work of this nature. For valuable assistance in the collection of the data herein contained, the author is indebted to many gentlemen throughout the Territory, and takes this method of tendering his sincere thanks to one and all. With the hope that the publication may, in some measure, meet the want for authentic and reliable information about the "coming country," and help to convey to the outside world some adequate idea of Arizona and its grand resources, it is left with the reader to say how well the task has been performed.

Patrick Hamilton, Commissioner.

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