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Procedure to Scan and Edit Images for the Web

4 July 1998

Using the Harvey photographs as an example, here's how it works:

On the removable drive, create a folder with the project name (i.e. Harvey) and 4 subfolders: tif,psd,jpeg,gif

  1. Scan the image at full size, save as a .tif in the tif folder on the SyJet drive

  2. Open a copy of the image in Photoshop, immediately save it as a .psd [Photoshop native] format in the psd folder on the SyJet drive

  3. Edit the .psd file as needed for web display, saving the final version as the .psd

  4. Export the finished product as .jpg or .gif format into the jpeg or gif folder on the SyJet drive

  5. Transfer the completed jpeg or gif files to the appropriate directory on the library web server

NOTE: Periodically, transfer your data files (tif, psd, jpeg and gif) from the removable drive to a compact disk for long term storage.

This procedure will offer a couple of substantial advantages:

  • reduces the encumbrance of filespace on the web server

  • preserves the original scan at full size for future use