Procedure for digitizing text

by Robert Hershoff

The procedure for digitizing text from a printed original utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in a two step process: first scan the appropriate text, then perform the OCR funtion.

OCR software available:

Calera Word Scan 3.1 (in the staff creativity lab)
Caere OmniPage LE 4.0 (in the LIST office)

The user interfaces are comparable, though Word Scan offers some additional image scanning features. Both software packages are distributed by Caere, which owns Calera.

How to scan and digitize text:

1. Set up the OCR software:

a. Scanner settings

b. Text settings c. Auto OCR off (we are scanning first, then converting)

and, for Word Scan only:

d. Template

Remember to check these settings before you begin scanning.

2. Scan the text:

Place the first printed page on the scanner, then select "Start job" or "New job" from the file menu. At the "Load Scanner" pop-up box, select "scan." An image of the page will appear on the screen.

Order of scanning:

3. Create the digital text file:

After scanning the last text passage, select "stop scanning" and save the finished version as a Microsoft Word 6.0 document. Once the printed text has been converted to digital format it can be verified and edited.

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Updated Sept. 11. 1997