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In this volume is related for the first time the true story of Helen Hunt Jackson's great American novel, Ramona. The facts and fictions of the romance are distinctively designated, and its inspiration and purpose disclosed.

The originals of the characters of the novel are identified, and their true names given.

Innumerable fictions concerning the story that have gained currency, some having been commercialized by unscrupulous persons, are dispelled.

Many thrilling and heretofore unpublished facts pertinent to the romance and its author are here recited; some surpassing in tragedy the facts and fictions of the novel itself.

The illustrations have been carefully selected, and present scenes and persons inseparably associated with Ramona, many having been especially produced for this volume, and others never before having been given to the public.

The contents of this book have been so prepared as to be interesting and intelligent to those who are not familiar with Ramona, as

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well as to those who know the thrilling and pathetic California story.

Here are recited facts which constitute a complete story in themselves, and are, indeed, more thrilling and tragic than the fiction of the prevailing imaginary novelist.

Especially do we hope to create new interest in the greatest of American novels, Ramona, and give tribute to its author, Helen Hunt Jackson.


Los Angeles.

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