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     Significant changes in publishing have occurred as a result of electronic publishing technology and its blending with networked information. Since the summer of 1996, librarians have complemented other electronic publishing projects by creating electronic texts from print materials.

     In some cases, the electronic texts were part of larger World Wide Web exhibits. In others, they represent an electronic version of rare, out-of-print works related to the Southwest.

     From the outset, we have identified several goals.

  • What lessons can we learn about copyright?
  • What are the best formats to use when creating e-texts? For example, when should we choose Adobe's PDF over creating an HTML version; are there cases when both (or other) formats are appropriate?
  • What can we learn about file size and resolution?
  • How can we develop an electronic text archive without any additional staff to support it?
  • Can we conduct any research related to our projects?
  • How can we assess if our electronic texts are used by students, faculty, and researchers?
  • How do we identify what print volumes are candidates for creating e-text versions?
  • What constitutes acceptable results from Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning?
  • What sorts of value-added features can we add?

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