Sophie Treadwell, 1890-1970

Papers, 1890's-1970 (bulk 1910-1960)

Inventory: Boxes 1-25; Scrapbooks 1-12
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Sharon Alexander and Roger Myers, 1995
Local Catalog ID: MS 318

Contains chiefly Personal Materials, Diaries, Correspondence, Scrapbooks, Plays, Novels, and Photographs relating to her career as an American playwright, author, and journalist from the 1910s through the 1960s.

Diaries include her travels to Europe and Moscow in the 1930s, and daily activities for selected years spanning 1942 to 1970.  Noted correspondents include Louise and Walter Arensberg, Arthur Craven, Maynard Dixon, Helena Modjeska, Robert A. Parker, family and friends, colleagues, employers, and interviewees, including Sarah Bernhardt and Francisco Villa.

Scrapbooks document her private life; college years at University of California, 1901-1906; early acting, writing, and employment in California, Mew York, Europe, and Mexico, 1909-1932; and critical coverage of the productions of her dramatic works from 1918-1949.

Works contain mainly her plays for stage, but also include television versions; novel drafts for Hope for a Harvest, and The Story; and articles and features for newspapers and periodicals.

Photographic materials consist chiefly of formal portraits by studio photographers; images of and by her while on trips or assignments in the United States, Europe and Mexico, including a interview with Francisco Villa in Canutillo; and casual moments with family members and friends.

Also includes a small selection of Papers, 1909-1933, of husband William O'Connell McGeehan, 1879-1933, journalist and author.

Gift: Estate of Sophie Treadwell and the Treadwell Family, 1994.

There are no restrictions on the collection.

Spanish, German, French, Russian.

Request for permission to publish from the collection should be discussed with the Manuscript's Librarian. It is the researcher's responsibility to obtain the necessary publication rights and copyright clearances for any planned publication.

Manuscript Collection 124 Sophie Treadwell Papers, 11 feet.

Printed material: 3 feet of duplicates or supplemental materials. Books transferred to Special Collections:

By Sophie Treadwell: Lusita, 1931; One Fierce Hour and Sweet, 1959.

By William 0. McGeehan: Trouble in the Balkins, 1931.

By others: An Illustrated History of San Joaquin County, California, 1890; Blue and Gold, 1906, 1905.


On October 3, 1885, Sophie Anita Treadwell was born in Stockton, California, to Alfred B. Treadwell and Nettie Fairchild. From 1902 to 1906, she attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she participated in the theater arts. After graduation, Treadwell sought work in California as an actress and performer, and assisted Helena Modjeska in writing her Memoirs. She returned to San Francisco and began her newspaper career for the Bulletin.  In 1910, she married another journalist, William 0. McGeehan. She traveled to France as a war correspondent, and, by the end of the decade, had moved to New York to work for the Tribune and other periodicals. She went to Mexico in the 1920's to cover the last days of Carranza, and scooped other papers with her interview of Francisco Villa in 1921.  In the 1930s, Treadwell traveled extensively. She circled the world in a steamer, and crossed the Atlantic several times to Europe while Machinal played in London, Moscow, and other venues. Lone Valley and Plumes in the Dust reached the New York stages.  She published a novel, Lusita, and wrote another, Hope for a Harvest.

In the next two decades, Treadwell continued to produce and revise her materials for publication, and for the emerging media of television. She retired to Tucson in 1965, and brought her final version of Women with Lilies to the stage of The University of Arizona. She died of a stroke on February 20, 1970.

William O'Connell McGeehan was born in San Francisco, California, to Hugh McGeehan and Theresa O'Connell in 1879. He attended Stanford University, and served in the Philippines during the Spanish American War. He worked as a journalist in San Francisco for the Evening Post, Examiner, and Bulletin.  Around 1914, he moved to New York and became a noted sports reporter for the New York Journal, The Hearld Tribune, and Herald. He traveled widely, hunted, wrote novels and short stories, and commuted between residences in Connecticut and New York. He died at Sea Island, Georgia, of a heart ailment on

November 29, 1933.

Sophie Treadwell Papers

        Personal materials, 1881-1969

        Diaries and Trips, 1907-1970

        Correspondence, 1884-1970

        Scrapbooks, 1901-1949

        Plays, ca. 1905-1955

        Novels, 1939-1960s

        Supplemental Works, 1902-1967

        Photographic materials, ca. 1860s-1960s

        Supplemental materials, ca. 1915-1950s


            Art Objects

            Motion Picture Film


William O'Connell McGeehan Papers

        Correspondence and personal materials, 1925-1933

        Works, 1900-1930.



Box  1         Personal Materials

    1             Biographical clippings

    2             Legal documents

    3             Passports, 1920-1969

    4             Autograph book of Nettie Fairchild, 1881-1894

    5             Address books

    6             Bookplates and block

Boxes  2-3  Diaries and Trips
    1             Diary, 1907, 1920, 1931

    2             Diary, Moscow trip, May 20 to June 6, 1933

    3             Diary, 1936, 1945

    4             Diary, November 1942 to August 1943

    5             Diary, 1947, 1948

    6             Diary, 1949, 1950

    7             Diary, 1951, 1954

Box  3         Diaries and Trips
    1             Diary, December 1954 to May 1955, 1958

    2             Diary, 1960, 1961

    3             Diary, 1962, 1965

    4             Diary, 1966, 1968

    5             Diary, 1969, 1970

    6             Trip to North Africa and Sicily, 1930

    7             Trip to Moscow, 1933


Box  4-6     Correspondence
    1-2         Unidentified correspondents:

                        Al, Aline

                        Anna and Aerol (Beverly Hills)

                        Beale, Betty (Conneticut)

                        Beulah (Hollywood)

                        Delores C.









                        Norman (Sag Harbor)



                        Scoop (Mill Valley)



                        Sylvia (Newtown)



    3             Jacques, 1915-1916

    4             Llewelyn and Lulu, 1915-1930

    5             Agee, William F.

                   Ames, Winthrop

                   Antoine, Lore

                   Arlson, H.L.

    6-7         Arensberg, Louise and Walter,1921-1922


Box  4        Correspondence
    8             Barry, Griffin

                   Basquin, Anne

                   Bernhardt, Sarah

                   Bernstein, Oscar

                   Berrocal, Antonio

                   Boss, Suzanne

                   Bosworth, Hobart

                   Bozenta, Chalapowski (see Modjeska)

                   Bozzano, Lino

                   Breton, Judith

    9             Barney, Esther, 1906-08, 1946-1969

    10           Bates, Dan and May, 1952-1953

    11           Brenan, Gerald, 1969

    12           C?, Connie

                   Cesana, Luigi

                   Cook Travel Agency

                   Crocker, Carlotta S.

    13           Caughlin, Jerry, 1945-1966

    14           Clark, Sonya T., 1951-1969

    15           Connell, Richard, 1930

    16           Cope, Harry, 1906-1908

    17           Courtney, William B., 1954-1955

    18           Craven, Arthur, 1917 includes Maintenant, 1:1 1912, 2:2 1913

    19           De Sola, Francisco and Lenore

                   D'Herbois, Eleanor

                   Dramatic Workshop and Technical Institute

                   Duncan, Bessie

                   Durant, Kenneth

    20           Dixon, Maynard, 1916-1920; includes poems, portrait and inscribed copy of

                       Maynard Dixon: Painter of the West, 1945

    21           Edwards, Dorothea


Box  5         Correspondence
    1             Fairchild, Anna

                   Farragut School

                   Frey, Eugen

    2             Feibleman, Peter S., 1958-1959

    3             Fries, Lola, 1931-1955

    4             Gianolio, Piero

                   Gill, Becky and Helen Davis

                   Goeldner, Dolores

                   Gonet, Marjorie

                   Gonzalez, Gilberto

                   Gruner, Anne


Box  5         Correspondence
    5             Gay, Gregory, 1952-1956

    6             Gregory, Jack, 1905-1909

    7             Gregory, Susan Myra, 1906-1936, includes her poetry

    8             Handgrave, Lisa

                   Harris, Harwell Hamilton

                   Hayden, Terese

                   Hayes, Marijane

                   High Class Amusement Enterprises (New York)

                   Hill, Merle Miller Sherwood

                   Hillman, Richard Paul

                   Holmes Line Company

                   Howard, Mildred

                   Hutton, Corrine

    9             Heunil (?)

    10           Hodgkins, Helen, 1968

    11           Hofmann, Annie and family, 1935-1970

    12           Hood, Dorothy, 1944-1969

    13           Jones, Robert Edmond, 1937

    14           Kaufman, Agnes

                   Keen, Victor

                   King, Dorothy

                   Klausner, Bertha

                   Koiransky, H.

                   Krennwallner, Anna

                   Krois, Adolf

    15           Koiransky, Alesander, 1951-1952

    16           La Pena, (?)

                   Laszlo, Christa

                   Le Gallienne, Eva

                   Leginska, Ethel

                   Lloyd, Margaret

                   Loeb, Joseph P.

                   London, Jack and Charmian

                   Loubeque, Henry

    17           Laning, Clair, 1949-1954

    18           Loza, Ignacio (Nacho), 1920-1970

    19           Machiz, Herbert

                   McClintic, Guthrie

                   McCoy, Helen Cooke

                   McLeish, Alexander

                   Meissner, Erma

                   Mexico [Officials and Agencies]

                   Meyer, Gert

                   Miller, Esther

                   Miller, Nellie

                   Morris, Kate

    20           McGeehan, William 0., 1909-1910,1933

    21           McReynolds, Isabel, 1905-1907


Box  5         Correspondence
    22            Modjeska, Helena and Bozeta Chalapowski, 1908-1909

    23            Murchie, Kathe and Guy, 1958-1959

    24            Now York American

                    New York Herald Tribune

                    New York Public Library

                    Newberry, Bertha

                    Norton (?), Louise

    25            O'Conner, Richard

                    O'Connor, Grover

                    Olds, Elizabeth and Larry

                    Osborn, Anita


Box  6         Correspondence
    1             Parker, Florence Ann

                   Pegler, Westbrook

                   Petgen, Dorothea

                   Pantages Theatre (San Francisco)

    2             Parker, Robert Allerton and Jessie, 1921-1969

    3             Pelletier, Camille and Gaby, 1953-1969

    4             Peroche, Elisa, 1915-1916

    5             Ramos, Gerardo

                   Robbins, Helen

                   Rodin, Phyllis

                   Reed, John

                   Rust (?), Ted

    6             Reinhardt, Martha, 1950-1954

    7             Rogoway, Marjorie and Alfred, 1955-1956

    8             Salisbury, Mrs.

                   San Francisco. Board of Education

                   San Francisco Bulletin

                   San Francisco Call

                   San Francisco Chronicle

                   Sanborn, Julia

                   Saus, H.F.

                   Schoenberner, Franz

                   Schotorino, T (?)

                   Sherner, Jennifer

                   Skinner, Constance

                   Stanford, Alfred

                   Steiner, Otto

    9             Sutherland, Luther, 1915-1919, 1950

    10           Theatre Guild, Inc. (New York)

                   Tucson Daily Citizen

    11           Treadwell, Alfred B., 1884-1912


Box  6         Correspondence
    12            Treadwell, Nettie, 1905-1907

    13            U-V

                       U.S.S.R. Society of Cultural Relations

                       Vogt (?), Ursula

                       Vas-Waner, Maria

                       Von Neumayer, Charles

    14               Villa, Francisco, 1921

    15            W-Z

                       Wells, Evelyn

                       Westerwelt-Folina, Mary Beth

                       Wheeler, Howard

                       Whittaker, J.H.E.

                       Wilder, Mrs.

                       Williams, Irene and Irma

                       Wilson, Leon

                        Zuber, Mrs. Carl H.


Boxes  7-15  Scrapbooks     (fuller description follows inventory)
                     College years, 1901-1906     (Scrapbook number 1)

                     "Vagabondage," 1906-1909    (Scrapbook number 2)


Box  8          Scrapbooks
                    "Sophie Treadwell, Her Book," 1909-1914    (Scrapbook number 3)

                    "An Outcast at the Christian Door," 1914    (Scrapbook number 4)

                    Mohr Trial, 1916   (Scrapbook number 8)


Box  9          Scrapbooks
                    "How I got my husband and how I lost him: the story of Jean Traig," 1914-1915

                      (Scrapbook number 5)

Box  10        War correspondent, 1915    (Scrapbook number 6)

Box  11        Mexico, 1920-1932    (Scrapbook number 7)

Box  12        Stage productions, 1918-1936    (Scrapbook number 9)

Box  13        Machinal, 1928-1934    (Scrapbook number 10)

Box  14        Hope for a Harvest, 1941    (Scrapbook number 11)

Box  15        William 0. McGeehan, 1910-1949 (bulk 1924-33)    (Scrapbook number 12)

Boxes  16-18    Plays
Plays: One Acts

    1                To Him Who Waits, 1917-18 carbon, some revisions

    2                La Cachucha, 1918

    3                Eye of the Beholder, 1919 original

Plays: Full-Length
    4                Tom, Dick and Harriet, 1905?

    5                Le Grand Prix, ca. 1906-1907 original

    6                Wintering it at Yankee Jim's, ca. 1907-1908 original

    7                The Settlement, 1911 original


Box  16          Plays
    8                Constance Darrow, 1911

    9                Claws, 1918? original

    10              Madam Bluff, 1918 original

    11              The Answer, 1918 carbon

    12              The Limelight, 1919 carbon

    13              Poe, 1920 (3 acts, 6 scenes) original

    14              Rights, 1921 (2nd version) original

    15              By Mrs. Beaton, 1921 carbon

    16              Love and Principle, 1941 original


Box  17         Plays
    1               Gringo, 1922  original

    2               0 Nightingale, 1923  original

    3               Many Mansions, 1925

    4               You Can't Have Everything, 1925  (1st version)  original

    5                Lone Valley, 1926  (10th version?)  original

    6               Machinal, 1928  (1st version? 8 episodes)  original

    7               Machinal, 1928  (New York/London/Moscow version: 9 episodes)

    8               Machinal, 1928  (3 acts, 9 scenes: Little Theatre version)

    9               Machinal, 1928  (acting version: 9 episodes)

    10             Ladies Leave, 1929  original

    11             The Island, 1930  original  (Rialto copy)


Box  18        Plays
    1              A Million Dollar Gate, 1930  (final version)

    2              Andrew Wells' Lady, 1931  (Rialto copy)

    3              The Promised Land, 1933  (Rialto copy)  original

    4              Three, 1936  (version 1a)  original

    5              Three, 1936  (2nd version)  original

    6              Hope for a Harvest, 1938  (A.H. version)  original

    7              Hope for a Harvest, 1942  (French's Library Edition)

    8              Highway, 1942  (2 acts)  original

    9              The Last Border, 1944  (3rd version: mimeograph)

    10            Don't Leave Me, late 1940s?  (2 acts)

    11            Woman with Lilies, 1948  (2 acts)


Box  19        Plays
    1              The Gorgeous Innocent, 1950s  (television play)  carbon

    2              Judgement in the Morning, 1952  (2 acts 4 scenes)  carbon

    3              Judgement in the Morning, 1952  (3 acts: MCA version)

    4              A String of Pearls, 1953?  (MCA version)

    5              The Siren, 1953  carbon

    6              Love for a Criminal, 1954  (2 acts 4 scenes)  original

    7              In Loving Lost, 1955?  original


Boxes  19-20    Novels
    8-10        Hope for a Harvest, 1939-1940?


Box  20      Novels
    1             The Story, 1960s  (1st version)

    2             The Story, 1960s  (2nd version)

    3             The Great Name Story, 1960s  (3rd version)


Box  20      Supplemental Works
    4             College papers and stories, 1902-1906

    5             "A break in the levee," 1906

    6             "Amateur night," 1907?

    7             "The story of muh life," 1908?

    8             "Madame Walks Again," 1915  (Sarah Bernhardt interview)

    9             "The Holy City," no date

    10           Newspaper articles, ca. 1909-1926

    11           Fragments

    12           Printed materials from Plays, 1918-1967

    13           Reviews of Treadwell works, 1904-1967

    14           Index cards to play "Lucky Stars"


Boxes  21-23    Photographs

Concerning Sophie Treadwell
    1             Infant, young girl, 1886-1905

    2             Young woman, 1905-1917

    3             Actress in college and Carmel plays, 1904, 1912

    4             At Stockton, Old Trees Ranch?, 1910s

    5             At Yankee Jim's, California, 1911-1917

    6             Auto trip across United States with Esther, 1917

    7             Mexico, ca. 1920

    8             Paris, New York, ca. 1917-1929

    9             With Louise Arensberg, Henri-Pierre Roche, Robert A. Parker, 1918

    10           Portraits, by Bachrach, 1925; by Sherril Schell (see also Box 23)

    11           At Esther's Ranch, Los Gatos, California, ca. 1929

    12           New York, Mexico, and other places, 1930s-1960s

    13           Europe, 1930s-1960s

    14           Residences and pet

Concerning William 0. McGeehan
    15           William 0. McGeehan, 1910s-1933

    16           Fishing, hunting, etc., includes Gene Tunney, 1920s-1930s

    17           Burial site, 1933


Box  22      Photographs

Concerning Family and Friends
    1             Anna Fairchild (grandmother)

    2             William and Anna Fairchild,  (2 daguerreotypes), 1860s?

    3             Nettie Fairchild (mother; includes 1 tintype), 1870s

    4             Alfred B. Treadwell (father)

    5             Fairchilds: Hershel (uncle), Josephine Swain (aunt)

    6             William Treadwell (son), 1960s

    7             Harry Cope, Jack London

    8             Ignacio and Nidia Loza

    9             Helene Modjeska and Bozeta Chalapowski, 1897, 1908?

    10           Robert A. Parker (?); Gaby Pelletier; Luther Sutherland

    11           Unidentified Males

    12           Miscellaneous


Box  23      Photographs

Portraits (12) of Sophie Treadwell by Sherril Schell
    1             Profile, seated with chair

    2             Profile, face close-up

    3             Profile, black blouse, outdoors

    4             Full face, turned over right shoulder, scarf

    5             Profile, lace shawl

    6             Profile, front partial figure, scarf

    7             Profile, flowered blouse

    8             Double profile

    9             Profile, scarf on left shoulder

    10           Full face, partial figure, scarf

    11           Full face, geometric blouse

    12           Full figure, outdoors


Box  23      Supplemental Materials
    13           Poster: "An Unwritten Chapter," Pantages Theater, San Francisco, 1915

                   [oversize: located in flat files]

    14-16     Posters (3): 11 Machinal," Russian productions, 1933

                   [oversize: located in flat files]


Box  23      Art Objects
    17           Drawing: of Treadwell (?) signed Maria Langtree

    18           Gouache: woman, city building, signed "R-P" (Robert P. Allerton ?)

    19           Gouache: Cacti (attributed to A.L. Searles)

    20           Watercolor: "Cafe Brocart," Unidentified Artist

    21           Drawing: Arthur Hopkins, by Marcus?, 1933

    22           Painting: tin retablo: Virgin of Guadalupe

    23           Gouache, pen and ink: "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them,"

                   San Francisco Bulletin staff to Sophie Treadwell, 1915 [located in flat files]

    24-25     Paintings: "The Light Thou Givest Mel" November 11, 1916; "Dawn,"

                   November 13, 1916, attributed to Maynard Dixon.

    26-32     Paintings: unattributed ''B.E.'' series found in Rimrock and Sage covers.


Box  24     Motion picture film

Two seven-inch reels, silent, black and white, ca. early 1930's.
selective synopsis:

    1            Street scenes and traveling footage of car going down highway in New York City
                  and Washington D.C.; different journeys by car, one through oil country in Southwest?;

                  ends with snow skiers going up and down slopes.

    2            Sophie Treadwell walking by; poolside with Treadwell in chair; William McGeehan

                  with car; touring by car in Germany, youth group walks by with flag, country villages,

                  ferry boat arrival, scenes on board, docking; Treadwell with dogs.


Box  25      Artifacts
    1             Luggage

    2             Still camera: Zeiss Ikon, and case

    3             Motion camera: Siemens, and case

    4             Pistol holster, stamped U.S. Army.


William 0. McGeehan Papers

Box  26      Correspondence and Personal Materials
    1             Correspondence and condolences, 1925-1933

    2             Passport and service medals, 1899-1933

    3             The Appointment

    4             Consuelo's Army

    5             The Enchanted Carrot, ca. 1925

    6             Hunger

    7             The Man Who Wanted the South; The Pain of the World, 1900

    8             A Matter of Theology, ca. 1925

    9             The Squeeze Play

    10           A Two Dollar Bill

    11           The Winner's End

    12           Titles unknown

    13           Articles: from his sports columns, "Down the Line."

See also additional McGeehan materials:   Correspondence,  Box 5, Folder 20
                                                                        Scrapbook number 12,  Box 15

                                                                        Photographs,  Box 21



Series: Scrapbooks, 1901-1949.

Quanity: 12 scrapbooks; arranged chronologically.
                   Numbers 1-11 relate to Sophie Treadwell

                   Number 12 relates to William 0. McGeehan.

    Scrapbook 1: covers Treadwell's college years at University of California at Berkeley, 1901-1906. Memorabilia includes dance cards, invitations, programs, letters, photographs, news clippings, grades, and songs, poems, speeches and plays written by the author.

    Scrapbook 2: is entitled "Vagabondage," and spans her adventures from 1906-1909 as a teacher at Yankee Jim's, as a governess in Modoc County, California, and also her early days of theater and writing in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Includes photographs, letters, theater playbills, play scripts, and newspaper articles by Treadwell, including her first story published in the

San Francisco Bulletin in 1908. One article covers her theater debut, under the name of Willia Williams, at the Fischer Theater, San Francisco, in 1907.

   Scrapbook 3 : covers the years 1909-1914. Titled "Sophie Treadwell Book," it contains photographs, poems, letters, and news articles. It includes her early years with W.O. McGeehan, their wedding announcement in 1910, and typed and handwritten poems apparently written by Treadwell and McGeehan. A play program from The Toad, 1912, in which Treadwell performed in Carmel; various newspaper articles that she wrote for the Bulletin in 1914, and two letters from Jack London and his wife are also present.

    Scrapbook 4: contains her first serial for the Bulletin, "An Outcast at the Christian Door," written in October and November 1914. It consists of seventeen installments; the last one, the 18th, appears to be missing. There are also editorials and responses in reaction to the publication of this serial.

    Scrapbook 5:  is entirely devoted to another serial, "How I got my husband and how I lost him: the story of Jean Traig," published in the Bulletin, November 1914 through early 1915. It consists of fifty-two installments, original photographs that were used in the articles, and press accounts of Jean Traig starring in a play that Treadwell subsequently wrote.

    Scrapbook 6:  covers the year 1915 when Treadwell was sent to France in April as a war correspondent for the Bulletin, and also for Harper's Weekly.  The items include passports, French documents, letters of introduction, postcards, maps, letters, souvenirs and photographs. There are carbon copies of the six articles she sent to the Bulletin in letter format, and a letter from her critical editor unhappy with her writing so far. There is a telegram from Sarah Bernhardt and a typed interview with her, entitled "Madame Walks Again."

    Scrapbook 7: contains documents from 1920-1932 when Treadwell went to Mexico as a correspondent from the New York Tribune in 1920 to cover the murder of the Mexican president, Don Venustiano Carranza. There are letters, newspaper articles (some in Spanish) and photographs

including some of Francisco "Pancho" Villa. Includes her exclusive interview with Villa at his ranch, Canutillo, in Durango, Mexico. In 1924, Treadwell wrote a nine-part series on Mexico titled "The Mirage of Mexico" for the Tribune, and this series is included here. Articles concerning her novel about Mexico, Lusita, published in 1931, are also here.

    Scrapbook 8:  has approximately twenty articles from the New York American about the Mohr murder trial of 1916 that Treadwell covered for the paper. Also contains three other unrelated articles she wrote for this paper.

    Scrapbook 9:  encompassesher stage productions between 1918-1936, including announcements, programs and reviews from a variety of eastern newspapers for Claws (1918, which she acted in), Gringo (1922, her first Broadway production that she wrote), Lonely Lee (1923, with Helen Hayes), O Nightingale (1925), Ladies Leave (1929), The Island (1929), Better to Marry, Bound, and Wild Honey (all in 1927), Lone Valley (1932), and Plumes in the Dust (1936). Also present are clippings from 1924 when Treadwell sued John Barrymore over a play about Edgar Allen Poe that she believed was based on a version that she had written and given to Barrymore a few years earlier.

    Scrapbook 10:  concerns the production of Machinal, based on the Ruth Snyder and Judd Grey murder case in 1928. It was staged by Arthur Hopkins with settings by Robert Edmund Jones, and began at the Plymouth theater starring Zita Johann, and an unknown actor named Clark Gable. There are reviews of it in London in 1931 under the title The Life Machine. It was also produced as Mrs. Jones in Moscow in 1934, and there are Russian news clippings.

    Scrapbook 11: consists of articles and reviews about her Broadway production of Hope for a Harvest, in 1941. The play was staged. at a number of Eastern cities and the reviews are from a variety of newspapers.

    Scrapbook 12:  containsclippings and photographs of William 0. McGeehan from the years 1910 to 1949, with the bulk being from 1924 until his death in 1933. There are approximately twenty editorials from his tenure with the Evening Post in San Francisco in 1910. As sports editor at the New York Herald Tribune in 1924, some of his "Down the Line" columns are present. McGeehan also covered the Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee, for the Tribune in 1927, and there are a few of these articles. From 1930-1933 he wrote columns of his travels throughout Africa and Europe, and of his attendance at the 1932 Olympic Games at Lake Placid, New York. McGeehan died in 1933 in Georgia, and there are articles and tributes to him from newspapers in America and England. About onequarter of this scrapbook consists of photographs of McGeehan and friends during World War I in uniform, and while hunting, fishing, and camping. Some images include the boxer Gene Tunney.