Addresses and Special Orders

Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate
Presented in Honor of

Hon. Morris K. "Mo" Udall

A Representative from Arizona

One Hundred Second Congress


Biography xi
  Life and Career Accomplishments of Hon. Morris K. Udall xiii
  Hon. Morris K. Udall's Career in Congress xvi
  Legislation Sponsored by Hon. Morris K. Udall xviii
Proceedings in the House:
  Tributes by Representatives:
  Alexander, Bill, of Arkansas 24
  Annunzio, Frank, of Illinois 61
  Applegate, Douglas, of Ohio 62
  Bennett, Charles E., of Florida 12
  Bentley, Helen Delich, of Maryland 40
  Bevill, Tom, of Alabama 7
  Bilbray, James H., of Nevada 26
  Blaz, Ben Garrido, of Guam 23
  Coleman, Ronald D., of Texas 56
  Condit, Gary, of California 64
  Darden, George, of Georgia 36
  de la Garza, E (Kika), of Texas 68
  de Lugo, Ron, of Virgin Islands 34
  Durbin, Richard J., of Illinois 64
  Dwyer, Bernard J., of New Jersey 48
  Faleomavaega, Eni F.H., of American Samoa 21
  Fascell, Dante B., of Florida 59
  Foley, Thomas S., of Washington 29
  Ford, William D., of Michigan 53
  Fuster, Jaime B., of Puerto Rico 65
  Gallegly, Elton, of California 61
  Gejdenson, Sam, of Connecticut 32
      Letter from Prudence Rice, Ph.D., president, Society for American Archaeology 33
  Gilman, Benjamin A., of New York 91
  Guarini, Frank J., of New Jersey 50
  Horton, Frank, of New York 57
  Hughes, William J., of New Jersey  58
  Hutto, Earl, of Florida 34
  Jacobs, Andrew, Jr., of Indiana 77
      Article from the Indianapolis News, Losing the Udall Legend  77
  Kleczka, Gerald D., of Wisconsin 90
  Kolbe, Jim, of Arizona 8, 84
  Kostmayer, Peter H., of Pennsylvania 40
  Kyl, Jon, of Arizona 23, 87
  Lagomarsino, Robert J., of California 50
  Mazzoli, Romano L., of Kentucky 71
  McHugh, Matthew F., of New York 28
  McMillen, C. Thomas, of Maryland 52
  Miller, Clarence E., of Ohio 46
  Miller, George, of California 1, 41
      Article from Peter Berle, president, National Audubon Society 1
  Mineta, Norman Y., of California 13
  Mink, Patsy T., of Hawaii 5
  Moakley, John Joseph, of Massachusetts 27
  Montgomery, G.V., of Mississippi 59
  Mrazek, Robert J., of New York 47
  Nagle, David R., of Iowa 48
  Neal, Richard E., of Massachusetts 45
  Oakar, Mary Rose, of Ohio 53
  Obey, David R., of Wisconsin 65, 93
  Olin, Jim, of Virginia 14
  Owens, Wayne, of Utah 2, 22
  Panetta, Leon E., of California 76
  Pelosi, Nancy, of California 42
  Quillen, James H., of Tennessee 58
  Rahall, Nick Joe, II, of West Virginia 69
  Rangel, Charles B., of New York 75
  Rhodes, John J., III, of Arizona 78, 81, 90
      Letter from Frank Ducheneaux, Cheyenne River Sioux 80
  Richardson, Bill, of New Mexico 92
  Roe, Robert A., of New Jersey 43
  Roemer, Tim, of Indiana 36
  Schroeder, Patricia, of Colorado 10
  Sharp, Philip R., of Indiana 49
  Slaughter, Louise M., of New York 6
  Smith, Lawrence J., of Florida 55
  Solomon, Gerald B.H., of New York 51
  Stokes, Louis, of Ohio 72
  Stump, Bob, of Arizona 63
  Vento, Bruce F., of Minnesota 16
      Letter from former Representative John F. Seiberling of Ohio 19
  Vucanovich, Barbara F., of Nevada 44
  Waxman, Henry A., of California 92
  Weiss, Ted, of New York 54
  Wheat, Alan, of Missouri 74
  Whitten, Jamie L., of Mississippi 71
  Williams, Pat, of Montana 20
  Wolf, Frank R., of Virginia 93
  Yates, Sidney R., of Illinois 57
  Young, Don, of Alaska 39
Proceedings in the Senate:
  Tributes by Senators:
  DeConcini, Dennis, of Arizona 97
  Dixon, Alan J., of Illinois 99
Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Act (S. 1176):
  Proceedings in the Senate:
  Burdick, Quentin, of North Dakota 109
  Chafee, John, of Rhode Island 110
  DeConcini, Dennis, of Arizona 105, 111
  Kennedy, Edward M., of Massachusetts 107
  Levin, Carl, of Michigan 109
  McCain, John, of Arizona 107, 113
  Proceedings in the House:
  Pastor, Ed, of Arizona 115
  Goodling, William F. of Pennsylvania 117
  Text of S. 1176, 102d Congress 117
Designating certain lands in Alaska as wilderness:
  Text of H.J. Res. 239, 102d Congress 123
Designating westernmost point of Guam as "Point Udall":
  Text of H.R. 2434, 100th Congress 125
  News articles on the designation of Udall Point 126
Letters from Colleagues and Friends 127
Official and Personal Tributes to Hon. Morris K. Udall:
  Proclamation: Morris K. Udall Day, Office of the Governor of Arizona 165
  A Daughter's Fond Memories, by Anne Udall  167
  Personal Thoughts About Mo, by Norma Udall 170
  Selected Tributes by Friends and Colleagues 171
  Morris K. Udall--Arizona Son, by James McNulty 174
  Udall: An Accomplished Lawyer, Politician, Fighter, by Senator Dennis DeConcini of Arizona 178
  Mo Udall: Friend of Indian Tribes, by Senator John McCain of Arizona 179
  Morris K. Udall: A Tribute, by E. Thomas Sullivan, Dean of the Arizona College of Law 181
  Personal Thoughts About A Gentle Man, by C. Donald Hatfield 183
  My Friend, by Cliff Robertson 185
  Mo's Biggest Battle, by Norma Udall 186
Selected Speeches and Writings of Hon. Morris K. Udall:
  Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, 1976, Speech by Morris K. Udall to the Convention following his nomination for the Presidency by Archibald Cox 199
  Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, 1980, Keynote Address by Morris K. Udall 203
  The United States and Vietnam: What Lies Ahead? Speech to constituents, October 23, 1967 214
  "Too Funny To Be President," Preface of book 220
Newspaper Tributes:
  Mr. Udall Resigns, editorial from the Washington Post 227
  As Good as American Politics Can Be, by Jessica Matthews, from the Washington Post 227
  Udall's Triumph, by David S. Broder, from the Washington Post 229
  Mo Udall's Monuments, by Mark Shields, from the Washington Post 230
  Farewell Party for Congressman Udall, from the Washington Post 231
  Witty and Courageous, Mo Udall, 68, Tells Foley That He Will Resign, Effective May 4, by Karen Foerstel, from Roll Call 232
  'Mo Loves Congress', by Karen Foerstel, from Roll Call 234
  Thirty Years in Congress Ends -- Mo Udall's Wit and Integrity Transcended Political Lines, by Norma Coile, from the Tucson Citizen 235
  Morris Udall, by Michael Murphy, from the Phoenix Gazette 239
  Arizona Losing a Legend, by Martin van Der Werf, from the Arizona Republic 242
  Mo's Departure Ends Glorious Chapter, by John Kolbe, from the Phoenix Gazette 246
  From the Lip: Mo Known for Zinging Politics, Self with Wit, by Sean Griffin, from the Phoenix Gazette 248
  Always a Leader, Always a Prankster, by Clay Thompson, from the Phoenix Gazette 250
  First Impressions of Udall Stand the Test of Time, by Kevin Willey, from the Arizona Republic 253
  Poor Health Forces Udall's Resignation--Will Quit in May After 30 Years, by Sam Negri, Mary Jo Pitzi, and Martin Van Der Werf, from the Arizona Republic 254
  Morris K. Udall: Career Highlights, from the Arizona Republic 256
  Udall's Courage in '67 Example for State's Delegation Today, by Joel Nilsson, from the Arizona Republic 257
  Disorder in a Changing House, by Janet Hook, from the Journal 259
  Morris K. Udall, House Service: 1961-91, from Politics in America 260
  A Tale of Two Citizens, by Bob Hulteen, from UpFront 263
  Goodbye Mo, editorial from the Phoenix Gazette 265
  Mo Udall's Retirement--the End of an Era, from the Arizona Republic 267
  Udall's Contributions, from the Tribune newspapers 269
  Morris K. Udall, A Man of Integrity, editorial from the Arizona Star 270
  Udall's Style Deserves Respect, by Joseph M. Bauman 272
  Mo Udall--Too Funny To Be President, by Olivia Olivares 274
  Democrats' Udall Tribute Leaves Wife Misty, Viewers Chuckling at Jokes, by Steve Meissner, from the Arizona Star 276
  Mo-Mentous: Udall's Wit, Charm Recalled in Tribute at Convention, by Pat Flannery, from the Phoenix Gazette 276
  Congressman Morris K. Udall's Record 278
Letters of Resignation from the Congress 284