Addresses and Special Orders

Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate
Presented in Honor of

Hon. Morris K. "Mo" Udall

A Representative from Arizona

One Hundred Second Congress


Tributes by Representatives:
Alexander, Bill, of Arkansas 24
Annunzio, Frank, of Illinois 61
Applegate, Douglas, of Ohio 62
Bennett, Charles E., of Florida 12
Bentley, Helen Delich, of Maryland 40
Bevill, Tom, of Alabama 7
Bilbray, James H., of Nevada 26
Blaz, Ben Garrido, of Guam 23
Coleman, Ronald D., of Texas 56
Condit, Gary, of California 64
Darden, George, of Georgia 36
de la Garza, E (Kika), of Texas 68
de Lugo, Ron, of Virgin Islands 34
Durbin, Richard J., of Illinois 64
Dwyer, Bernard J., of New Jersey 48
Faleomavaega, Eni F.H., of American Samoa 21
Fascell, Dante B., of Florida 59
Foley, Thomas S., of Washington 29
Ford, William D., of Michigan 53
Fuster, Jaime B., of Puerto Rico 65
Gallegly, Elton, of California 61
Gejdenson, Sam, of Connecticut 32
Letter from Prudence Rice, Ph.D., president, Society for American Archaeology 33
Gilman, Benjamin A., of New York 91
Guarini, Frank J., of New Jersey 50
Horton, Frank, of New York 57
Hughes, William J., of New Jersey  58
Hutto, Earl, of Florida 34
Jacobs, Andrew, Jr., of Indiana 77
Article from the Indianapolis News, Losing the Udall Legend  77
Kleczka, Gerald D., of Wisconsin 90
Kolbe, Jim, of Arizona 8, 84
Kostmayer, Peter H., of Pennsylvania 40
Kyl, Jon, of Arizona 23, 87
Lagomarsino, Robert J., of California 50
Mazzoli, Romano L., of Kentucky 71
McHugh, Matthew F., of New York 28
McMillen, C. Thomas, of Maryland 52
Miller, Clarence E., of Ohio 46
Miller, George, of California 1, 41
Article from Peter Berle, president, National Audubon Society 1
Mineta, Norman Y., of California 13
Mink, Patsy T., of Hawaii 5
Moakley, John Joseph, of Massachusetts 27
Montgomery, G.V., of Mississippi 59
Mrazek, Robert J., of New York 47
Nagle, David R., of Iowa 48
Neal, Richard E., of Massachusetts 45
Oakar, Mary Rose, of Ohio 53
Obey, David R., of Wisconsin 65, 93
Olin, Jim, of Virginia 14
Owens, Wayne, of Utah 2, 22
Panetta, Leon E., of California 76
Pelosi, Nancy, of California 42
Quillen, James H., of Tennessee 58
Rahall, Nick Joe, II, of West Virginia 69
Rangel, Charles B., of New York 75
Rhodes, John J., III, of Arizona 78, 81, 90
Letter from Frank Ducheneaux, Cheyenne River Sioux 80
Richardson, Bill, of New Mexico 92
Roe, Robert A., of New Jersey 43
Roemer, Tim, of Indiana 36
Schroeder, Patricia, of Colorado 10
Sharp, Philip R., of Indiana 49
Slaughter, Louise M., of New York 6
Smith, Lawrence J., of Florida 55
Solomon, Gerald B.H., of New York 51
Stokes, Louis, of Ohio 72
Stump, Bob, of Arizona 63
Vento, Bruce F., of Minnesota 16
Letter from former Representative John F. Seiberling of Ohio 19
Vucanovich, Barbara F., of Nevada 44
Waxman, Henry A., of California 92
Weiss, Ted, of New York 54
Wheat, Alan, of Missouri 74
Whitten, Jamie L., of Mississippi 71
Williams, Pat, of Montana 20
Wolf, Frank R., of Virginia 93
Yates, Sidney R., of Illinois 57
Young, Don, of Alaska 39
Beginning of Proceedings in the House

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Addresses and Special Orders Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, Presented in Honor of The Honorable Morris K. "Mo" Udall, A Representative from Arizona, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1993