Addresses and Special Orders

Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate
Presented in Honor of

Hon. Morris K. "Mo" Udall

A Representative from Arizona

One Hundred Second Congress


Mr. Udall Resigns, editorial from the Washington Post 227
As Good as American Politics Can Be, by Jessica Matthews, from the Washington Post 227
Udall's Triumph, by David S. Broder, from the Washington Post 229
Mo Udall's Monuments, by Mark Shields, from the Washington Post 230
Farewell Party for Congressman Udall, from the Washington Post 231
Witty and Courageous, Mo Udall, 68, Tells Foley That He Will Resign, Effective May 4, by Karen Foerstel, from Roll Call 232
'Mo Loves Congress', by Karen Foerstel, from Roll Call 234
Thirty Years in Congress Ends -- Mo Udall's Wit and Integrity Transcended Political Lines, by Norma Coile, from the Tucson Citizen 235
Morris Udall, by Michael Murphy, from the Phoenix Gazette 239
Arizona Losing a Legend, by Martin van Der Werf, from the Arizona Republic 242
Mo's Departure Ends Glorious Chapter, by John Kolbe, from the Phoenix Gazette 246
From the Lip: Mo Known for Zinging Politics, Self with Wit, by Sean Griffin, from the Phoenix Gazette 248
Always a Leader, Always a Prankster, by Clay Thompson, from the Phoenix Gazette 250
First Impressions of Udall Stand the Test of Time, by Kevin Willey, from the Arizona Republic 253
Poor Health Forces Udall's Resignation--Will Quit in May After 30 Years, by Sam Negri, Mary Jo Pitzi, and Martin Van Der Werf, from the Arizona Republic 254
Morris K. Udall: Career Highlights, from the Arizona Republic 256
Udall's Courage in '67 Example for State's Delegation Today, by Joel Nilsson, from the Arizona Republic 257
Disorder in a Changing House, by Janet Hook, from the Journal 259
Morris K. Udall, House Service: 1961-91, from Politics in America 260
A Tale of Two Citizens, by Bob Hulteen, from UpFront 263
Goodbye Mo, editorial from the Phoenix Gazette 265
Mo Udall's Retirement--the End of an Era, from the Arizona Republic 267
Udall's Contributions, from the Tribune newspapers 269
Morris K. Udall, A Man of Integrity, editorial from the Arizona Star 270
Udall's Style Deserves Respect, by Joseph M. Bauman 272
Mo Udall--Too Funny To Be President, by Olivia Olivares 274
Democrats' Udall Tribute Leaves Wife Misty, Viewers Chuckling at Jokes, by Steve Meissner, from the Arizona Star 276
Mo-Mentous: Udall's Wit, Charm Recalled in Tribute at Convention, by Pat Flannery, from the Phoenix Gazette 276
Congressman Morris K. Udall's Record 278

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Addresses and Special Orders Held in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, Presented in Honor of The Honorable Morris K. "Mo" Udall, A Representative from Arizona, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1993