Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

88th Congress (1963-1964)

January 25, 1963 Who Rules the Rules Committee?
February 8, 1963 Taxes and Spending -- The Big Issues of 1963
February 28, 1963 Taxes and Spending II: Can We -- Or Will We -- Reduce Federal Spending?
March 15, 1963 Taxes and Spending III: Just Who Are The Big Spenders?
April 12, 1963 Taxes and Spending IV: Some Specific Proposals For Budget Reductions
May 3, 1963 Taxes and Spending V: The President and Henry Ford -- An Old Idea Revived
May 21, 1963 Central Arizona Project: Tapping Arizona's Last Water Hole
June 7, 1963 Fright For Sale
June 21, 1963 Arizona's Water Fight Shifts To Congress
July 12, 1963 Arizona's Water Fight: Which Path Leads to Victory?
July 29, 1963 The Big Challenge: Civil Rights and the 88th Congress
September 12, 1963 A Tale of Two Taxpayers: Part I -- The Taxes They Pay
September 25, 1963 A Tale of Two Taxpayers: Part II -- What Do Their Taxes Buy?
October 14, 1963 The Great Numbers Game, or The Case of the Missing Factor: People
November 15, 1963 If This Is Peace, What Would War Be Like?
December 1963 "Come, Let Us Reason Together"
February 7, 1964 Is Congress Sick? -- I: Creeping Paralysis on Capitol Hill
February 21, 1964 Is Congress Sick? -- II: Needed: A Transfusion of Democracy
March 6, 1964 Foreign Policy for the Decade Ahead: I -- The Mirage of Final Solutions
April 15, 1964 Foreign Policy for the Decade Ahead: II -- New Phase for an Old War
May 22, 1964 Do We Want Another Bible War?
August 10, 1964 A Time Bomb Called Population [not available]
October 14, 1964 Reapportionment -- I: "One Man, One Vote" . . . That's All She Wrote!
December 11, 1964 Reapportionment -- II: Where Do We Go From Here?

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