Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

89th Congress (1965-1966)

March 15, 1965 Vol. IV, No. 1 Gun Fight at the Congress Corral
March 31, 1965 Vol. IV, No. 2 Medicare v. Eldercare--A Big Issue Finally Resolved
June 10, 1965 [Vol. IV, No. 3] Johnson and His Critics: Diplomacy in a Fishbowl
July 12, 1965 Vol. IV, No. 4 The Silent Revolution in Economics: I--Must We Have Boom and Bust?
July 26, 1965 Vol. IV, No. 5 The Silent Revolution in Economics: II--"Forgive Us Our Debts?"
August 9, 1965 Vol. IV, No. 6 The Silent Revolution in Economics: III--A River Called Money
September 15, 1965 What's All This About Flooding Out the Grand Canyon? [not available]
March 18, 1966 Vol. V, No. 1 Does the 'New Economics' Work Both Ways?
September 20, 1966 Vol. V, No. 2 'Wait 'Til Next Year' -- Old Tune, New Verse

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