Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

90th Congress (1967-1968)

January 20, 1967 Vol. VI, No. 1 The Right to Write: Some Suggestions on Writing Your Congressman
February 3, 1967 Vol. VI, No. 2 Some Lessons from the Case of Adam Clayton Powell
April 3, 1967 Vol. VI, No. 3 The President of the United States, Greeting:
October 23, 1967 Vol. VI, No. 4 The United States and Vietnam: What Lies Ahead? [not available]
November, 1967 [Vol. VI, No. 5] The High Cost of Being a Congressman [not available]
January 15, 1968 Vol. VII, No. 1 Countdown on the Colorado [not available]
August 28, 1968 Vol. VII, No. 2 The Electoral College Is Flunking Out
October 10, 1968 Vol. VII, No. 3 The CAP Is Signed -- This Is 'Next Year!'

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