Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

91st Congress (1969-1970)

February 12, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 1 Protectionism vs. Free Trade: The Great Tomato Rhubarb and Other War Stories
March 14, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 2 Preparing for Peace: The Lessons of the Sixties
April 15, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 3 Preparing for Peace--II: Are We Headed for a New Arms Race?
May 15, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 4 Preparing for Peace--III: The Tough Problem of Priorities
June 13, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 5 Preparing for Peace--IV: The Case of the Vanishing Dollar
July 11, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 6 Preparing for Peace--V: Tax Reform and the Double Standard
July 30, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 7 Preparing for Peace--VI: Our Spaceship Earth--Standing Room Only
November 19, 1969 Vol. VIII, No. 8 Man: Endangered Species: The Day the Santa Ritas Disappeared
May 20, 1970 Vol. IX, No. 1 The Environment--What YOU Can Do
July 23, 1970 Vol. IX, No. 2 47 Million Americans Are Missing: Our Really Silent Majority
November 10, 1970 Vol. IX, No. 3 What's Happening With Our Youth?: A Dialogue With Three Interns

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