Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

92nd Congress (1971-1972)

March 12, 1971 Vol. X, No. 1 A Scandal Called Welfare
April 2, 1971 Vol. X, No. 2 Revenue Sharing: Trick or Treat for Taxpayers
June 8, 1971 Vol. X, No. 3 Politics and Morality: Where Leaders Fail
September 15, 1971 Vol. X, No. 4 The Right to Write: Some Suggestions on Writing Your Congressman
March 13, 1972 Vol. XI, No. 1 Carl Hayden: Quiet History Maker
April 17, 1972 Vol. XI, No. 2 Is The System Working? Six Thousand Arizonans Sound Off
December 8, 1972 Vol. XI, No. 3 Land Speculation: Investment in the future...or downpayment on dust?

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