Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

96th Congress (1979-1980)

March, 1979 Vol. XVII, No. 1 Congressional Oversight: Making Things Work
May, 1979 Vol. XVII, No. 2 Time To Help Small Business
July, 1979 Vol. XVII, No. 3 Energy: An 'Instant Replay'
October, 1979 Vol. XVII, No. 4 The 'Sagebrush Rebellion'
January, 1980 Vol. XVIII, No. 1 The Sledgehammer Lobby
April, 1980 Vol. XVIII, No. 2 How Much For Defense?
May, 1980 Vol. XVIII, No. 3 Politics and Morality
Summer, 1980 (Cochise Co.) Vol. XVIII, No. 4 Gasohol: A Cochise Future?
Summer, 1980 (Pima Co.) Vol. XVIII, No. 4 Of Water Land and Air
Summer, 1980 (Pinal Co.) Vol. XVIII, No. 4 Copper and the Economy (only pg. 1 is available)
Summer, 1980 (Santa Cruz Co.) Vol. XVIII, No. 4 Ambos Nogales: 'Un Lugar Muy Especial'

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