Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

97th Congress (1981-1982)

February, 1981 Vol. XIX, No. 1 Notes: A New President, A New Decade
June, 1981 Vol. XIX, No. 2 Staring Down Reality
July, 1981 Vol. XIX, No. 3 The Future of Social Security
January, 1982 Vol. XX, No. 1 A Stronger National Defense
February, 1982 Vol. XX, No. 2 Arizona and Water
March-April, 1982 Vol. XX, No. 3 El Salvador: Whose War?
May-June, 1982 Vol. XX, No. 4 Tough Times
June-July, 1982 Vol. XX, No. 5 Reagan: The First 500 Days

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