Congressman's Report
by Morris K. Udall

The Congressman's Report is a congressional newsletter written chiefly by former Arizona congressman Morris K. Udall to relay his thoughts and actions on matters of interest to his constituents. An edited version of twenty-three of his newsletters was published in Education of a Congressman (1972). Presented here is the full text of approximately 100 newsletters and special reports produced by Udall between 1961 and 1989.

87th Congress (1961-1962)

88th Congress (1963-1964)

89th Congress (1965-1966)

90th Congress (1967-1968)

91st Congress (1969-1970)

92nd Congress (1971-1972)

93rd Congress (1973-1974)

94th Congress (1975-1976)
(no newsletters available for this session)

95th Congress (1977-1978)

96th Congress (1979-1980)

97th Congress (1981-1982)

98th Congress (1983-1984)

99th Congress (1985-1986)

100th Congress (1987-1988)
(no newsletters available for this session)

101st Congress (1989-1990)

Congressman's Report
Newsletters by Morris K. Udall

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