"Eight Years of Republicans -- Enough,"
Washington, D.C., 1976

After eight years of Republican economics, we find ourselves a Nation divided.

  • Rich against poor, inner city against suburb.
  • If the truth be told, we have more than 10 million unemployed.
  • We see states engaged in furious competition for each other's industry, furiously cutting taxes whose revenues are needed for social programs.
  • In the midst of depression and recession, we have seen corporate profits rising twice as fast as during the booming Kennedy-Johnson years.

Consumer prices are up.

Inflation is up.

The defense budget is up.

Unemployment is up.

Mortgage rates are up so high than an incredible 85% of Americans can not afford a new home.

And for the eighth year in a row, we hear an American President say that all this is too bad, but we are in tough times that demand fiscal stringency, and for just a while longer we are going to have to sacrifice people to business profits.

I say NO.

I say we've had enough -- too much -- of Republican economics.

I say it's time government cared about people.

That's why I make the Humphrey-Hawkins full employment act the top priority of all, why I have supported it since the very beginning. Because the gut question on full employment is whether or not a President is prepared to use the full force and credit of the federal government to create jobs.

That's why I believe that adequate health care is a right and not a privilege, and why I support the Kennedy health bill that says we are no longer going to pay for the profits of 1800 separate insurance companies but are going to have a single government administered trust fund.

That's why I support comprehensive child care so that mothers will not be forced off the payrolls and onto the welfare rolls so that they can care for their children.

That's why I believe that we must federalize the welfare system so that everyone who needs it will get a single income support payment, paid for by the federal government and keyed to the local cost of living.

That's why I am going to appoint more Black and Minority Americans to the key policy positions in the federal government and on the federal bench.

That's why I want to use all our diplomatic leverage against Turkey and Mexico and the other countries that funnel hard drugs onto the streets of our cities.

That's why our programs for the aging need to be expanded and improved with more emphasis put on programs which will serve senior citizens in their own homes rather than in institutions.

And that's why I want to redirect our foreign policy in Africa so that in the future we help and support the emerging Black Nationalist governments instead of allying ourselves with White racist governments like those in Rhodesia and South Africa.


Important choice in 1976.

Choose up. Take sides.

I ask for your hand and your help because I know that we share the same hopes for America.