Configuring Netscape to Open Rich Text Format (RTF) Documents

To read RTF documents you must have a word processing program that can import rich text format. If you are unsure whether your word processor will read RTF documents you may want to download a test document and verify that you can open it with your word processor before you reconfigure your Netscape browser.

To configure the Netscape Brower choose Options then Preferences from the menu bar. Then choose Helper Apps and Create New Type. Type application in the field for Mime Type and type rtf in the field for Subtype. Change your Action to Launch the Application. Click on Browse and find the software program (in this case, your word processing program) which will open the document. Choose OK.

To test your browser, attempt to read a RTF document (you may have to quit and reopen your browser program before the changes will work properly). Your word processing program should automatically open and display the RTF document. Please note: The document will NOT be downloaded to your hard drive, if you wish to save the document you will have to choose that option from your word processoring program.

Last update: April 12, 1996 lah