Portrait Gallery

The Udall Archives contains hundreds of photographs showing Morris K. Udall with the major political figures of his time. Here is a sample.

Arizona's Congressional Delegation, 1962: [30K] (from left to right) Congressman John Rhodes, Senator Barry Goldwater, Paul Fannin (Governor of Arizona), Morris K. Udall, Senator Carl Hayden, Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall

Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn, [26K] May 15, 1961

President John F. Kennedy,[24K] 1961

Former Arizona Senator, Henry Fountain Ashurst, [21K] 1962

President Lyndon B. Johnson, [21K] 1964

Stewart Udall, Secretary of the Interior and Justice Jesse Udall, Arizona Supreme Court, [26K] 1964

Speaker of the House, John McCormack, [31K] ca. 1969

Congressman George Bush, [39K] ca. 1970

Speaker of the House, Carl Albert, [29K] ca. 1970

Senator Ed Muskie, [45K] July 15, 1971

Representative Claude Pepper [32K] (2nd from right), 1972

Congressional Leaders, [40K] including Representative Jim Wright, Speaker of the House Carl Albert, and Representative Tip O'Neill, early 1970's

Senator George McGovern, [29K] 1972

Vice-President Spiro Agnew and President Richard Nixon, [35K] January 1973

Senator Sam Ervin, [44K] ca. 1973

Representative Patricia Schroeder, [41K] July 11, 1975

Menachen Begin and Tip O'Neil, [31K] 1979

Jimmy Carter, [46K] New York, 1976

Jimmy Carter, Fred Harris, Sargent Schriver, Morris K. Udall, [22K] "Issues and Answers, "1980

President Ronald Reagan, [34K] July 22, 1981

Representative Jim McNulty, [24K] 1982

Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, [36K] 1982

Senators Hollings, Walter Mondale, Edward Kennedy, John Glenn, Gary Hart, and Governor Ruben Askew [34K] (standing second from left), birthday roast for Mo Udall, Washington, D.C., 1983

Representative Geraldine Ferraro, [28K] summer, 1984

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Connor, [38K] 1984

Governor Valdez, Sonora, Mexico (second from left) and Senator Dennis DeConcini (center), [41K] 1985.

Arizona Governor Rose Mofford, [33K] 1987

Governor Rose Mofford, Representatives Bob Stump and John Ky [33K], 1987

Governor Michael Dukakis, [26K] 1988