What is Rich Text Format (RTF)

RTF (Rich Text Format) was designed by Microsoft as an open format for interchanging documents between Microsoft Word and other word processing packages. It is supported by WordPerfect, FrameMaker, Interleaf and many other packages on UNIX, Apple, Macintosh, Next, and PC platforms.

For more information please refer to: What is Rich Text Format? at URL: http://web-1.worldcom.com/coextant/WWW.nsf/946eecd17d132983072563f4001068c9/3b768d525f92a027072563f60028b02f?OpenDocument. You can also download the Rich Text Specifications from URL: ftp://ftp.primate.wisc.edu/pub/RTF/

Last update: April 12, 1996 lah
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