Legislative Assistant Files, 1961-1992

Boxes 163-238 (76 boxes)

Arranged numerically by bill within congressional session, multiple bills in the same session similar subjects were filed together, some miscellaneous subject folders contain no bill number. Some gaps, see Bill Files for additional information.

Contains memos between Morris K. Udall and staff, correspondence from colleagues, experts, lobbyists, and general public regarding the bill, copies of the bill, reports (including some from the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service), hearings, speeches, bibliographies, press clippings, and releases. Bills which were not passed in a particular session of Congress may appear under a new number in a succeeding sessions. Earlier files reflect Morris K. Udall personal interest in the bill more than later files which were maintained by legislative assistants. Includes proposed legislation. Abbreviations: HJR=House Joint Resolution, HCR=House Concurrent Resolution, HR=House Resolution. In Later year, this series includes subject files (as "Issues") that were used in support of legislation.

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