Memorabilia, 1946-1985 

Boxes 756-771 (16 Boxes) 

  • Contains awards, diplomas, and other three-dimensional objects given to Morris K. Udall in recognition of achievements and activities.
Box 756 Memorabilia 
  • T-Shirts, Buttons, Small Plaques, coins, awards, metals, pins, Dukakis necktie, automobile license plates, keys, Udall I.D., table place cards for Heritage Award Dinner in Tucson-11/18/94 
Box 757 Donkey Collection 

Box 758 More Memorabilia 

  • Campaign buttons, Louise Udall Pamphlet, Bumper Stickers, Channel 4 News Scripts, Program: Red Hills Visitor's Center Dedication, Duval hard-hat, various dinner programs, Indian drum award, Morris K. Udall Plaque information flyer, and miscellaneous
Box 759 Political Cartoons (2 framed) 

Box 760 Political Cartoons (4 framed) 

Box 761 

  • National Jewish Hospital Award/Scrapbook, 4/19/83 and Mo Udall Day, St. John's, Arizona 7/4/80
Box 762-766 Award Plaques 

Box 767 

  • Central Arizona Project Putter (see shelf next to box), Coconut Mail, Presidential Campaign/Wisconsin Primary Banner
Box 768 Oversize Posters, Awards, Political Ads, 1970-1980's 

Box 769 Campaign Posters, 1960-1980's 

Box 770 Miscellaneous, Painting, Posters 

Box 771 Oversized Award Plaques