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USS Arizona - author's note

Thank you for visiting the USS Arizona World Wide Web pages at the University of Arizona Library.

This exhibit was produced by Gene Spesard, University of Arizona Library (, with the assistance of the UA Library's Special Collections, especially Peter Steere, John Murphy and Roger Myers.

The USS Arizona homepage was officially added to the University of Arizona Library World Wide Web pages on December 3, 1995 (the Sunday of the annual memorial service held at the University of Arizona). As time is available I'm adding more images of items from the Student Union USS Arizona memorial and from the holdings of the library's collections.

I would like to thank WorldVillage for naming our Internet Resources page their family site of the day for December 7, 1997. The library's USS Arizona Web exhibit was also a featured site at HEREontheWEB for the week of December 7, 2000 and was listed as a "best Web site" by Encarta on their highlighted Pearl Harbor Day" page on December 7, 2000.

Whenever possible, the text accompanying these images is based on the labeling of the objects in the Student Union memorial. However, it's been necessary in many cases for me to try to determine what an object is and provide a description of it. Any errors in the exhibit are solely my responsibility.

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