The University of Arizona Library

USS Arizona - Fund Raising Effort

The library's Special Collections holds the papers of John D. Burgess (Look up in the UA Library catalog) relating to the state-wide fund raising effort to pay for a silver service to present to the Battleship Arizona. The papers were donated by the daughter of Captain Burgess, Mrs. Maud Thomas.

A contribution from the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company, of Warren (i.e. Bisbee), Arizona.

A list of contributors to the fund for the silver service for the Arizona. This is from a letter from L. W. Mix, the chairman of the committee, to Captain Burgess.

The certificate sent to contributors thanking them for their donation. This is the one sent to Captain Burgess. The figure on the certificate is based on a fourty-inch bronze statue that the state of Arizona presented to the USS Arizona in 1916.

A letter from Allen T. Bird, the secretary of the committee, celebrating the completion of the fund raising effort.

A letter from the governor of Arizona, Thomas E. Campbell, congratulating the Silver Service Committee on their success.

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