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55-3-2 Wooden case with glass cover containing four pieces of shrapnel removed from the USS Arizona. Donated by U.S. Navy and Marine Training Ctr., Phoenix.

57-1-1 Plaque commemorating the USS Arizona's service in World War I. "Retrieved from USS Arizona Dec. 10th 1941 by Clyde C. Smith CEM USN-crew member, by permission of Lient. Comdr. Samuel G. Fuqua, surviving senior officer. Donated to U. Of A. Dec. 7, 1957 by Clyde Smith Ret. USN. Presented by Admiral Fuqua US Navy Retired."

57-2-1 Model of USS Arizona. Presented by Branch 163 and Branch 176 Fleet Reserve Assoc.

58-1-1 Piece of machine gun projectile, possibly Japanese.

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