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  • 85-6-2 (AZ 517, Box 27) The delegation from Arizona at the launch of Arizona. Miss Esther Ross in holding the christening bottles and halyard. The man visible behind her hat is Governor of Arizona, George Hunt.
  • 1917 to 1929

  • 84-20-6 (AZ 517, Box 22) This photo, taken during a passage of the Arizona through the Panama canal, shows the original arrangements for launching aircraft. Just visible on top of turret two is the rear portion of the platform used for flying off the ship's aircraft.
  • 71-1-163 (AZ 517, Box 11) The bridge of the Arizona. The photo was taken in the late 1920's, before the bridge was enlarged considerably during the 1929-1931 modernization.
  • Modernization

  • 77-3-436 (AZ 517, Box 19) This photo shows the Arizona in dry dock during her modernization. The superstructure and masts have been removed and the new tripod masts are in place.
  • 1931-1941

  • 77-3-303 (AZ 517, Box 17) The ship's company posed with President Hoover during his cruise on board the Arizona, March 1931. The president is seated at the front center.
  • 84-26-2 (AZ 517, Box 26) President Hoover walking on the quarterdeck. The guns of turret 4 are visible to the right of the photograph. Two of the ship's aircraft are visible behind him, as is the pole crane fitted at the stern during the modernization (it was in place until 1934, when it was upgraded).
  • 71-1-50 (AZ 517, Box 8) This photograph, taken in 1936, shows the forward superstructure. The heavily armored conning tower is can be identified by the narrow vision slits. Just above it the ship's bridge is visible. The long "beam" on the platform above the bridge is the range finder, used to aim the ship's main guns. The structures at the top of the tripod mast are stations for controlling the ship's guns. The Arizona is passing under the partially completed Golden Gate Bridge.
  • 71-1-152 In later years the Arizona carried aircraft launching rails at the stern and on one of the turrets.
  • 71-1-191 (AZ 517, Box 11) A 5 inch anti-aircraft gun. One of the anti-aircraft guns mounted on the superstructure deck during the ship's modernization.
  • December 7, 1941

    84-27-19 (AZ 517, Box 27)
    The flag was raised at the stern of the Arizona on December 7th. It was removed several hours after the attack by some of the surviving ship's officers.

    Salvage and Building the Memorial

  • 77-4-2 (AZ 517, Box 26) This photograph, taken on May 18, 1942, shows salvage work underway on the Arizona. It was taken from the bow of the ship looking back at the collapsed superstructure and foremast.
  • 77-4-3 (AZ 517, Box 26) Another photograph of the salvage operations, May 18, 1942. This is looking toward the bow of the ship from behind the foremast. The superstructure and the foremast are leaning away from the camera into the gap produced by the exploding magazines. The port leg of the foremast has been removed as part of the process of salvaging material from the ship. (This photo has been cropped slightly to adjust for a tilted camera.)
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