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Student Union Renovation

Program of the Dedication of the USS Arizona Memorial Lounge The new U.S.S. Arizona memorial lounge was dedicated on Wednesday, Feb 19. The memorial is housed in a new exhibit space that makes it more accessible and incorporates it into the overall structure of the Union. From the UA Construction Projects Web site:

What happens to tradition when the new Union/Bookstore is built? Where do the memories go? One of the most interesting aspects of the new Union/Bookstore is the way it actually intensifies tradition.

USS Arizona Memorial
The USS Arizona is a good example. The old Memorial Lounge will be replaced by a new one that you won't need a map to find. It will be on the first floor, right next to one of the main entrances to the building. The room will be specifically designed to display the artifacts. But the actual structure of the building will incorporate the memorial in a large-as-life sense by having one wall replicate the curve of the bow of the USS Arizona.

There will be a walkway known as "The Canyon" between the east and west sides of the new building. The east wall of the canyon will be curved to replicate the silhouette of the U.S.S. Arizona. The tip of the wall will extend beyond the Union/Bookstore, and the bell will be hung in an opening in the wall, visible to everyone and an important part of the tradition.

Come join us on a tour of the former Student Union USS Arizona Memorial Exhibit. The view shown in each photo is indicated by the red area on the accompanying plan of the exhibit. To see a larger image of a portion of the exhibit, click on the photo on this page (the larger images are about 40-50K). For photos of individial objects or more information about them, click on the highlighted items listed below each photo.

Better images of some of the photographs in the exhibit are avaialble at the USS Arizona - Photographs in Special Collections page.

IMAGE Taken from PLAN
Left side (top to bottom):
Life preserver and crossed oars memento
Football sweater
Dress white jumper
Right side (top to bottom):
Chief Petty Officer's uniform
Flag (no photo)
Ditty bag (no photo)

IMAGE Taken from PLAN
Left side:
Christening bottles
Top shelf, left:
Badge from launching
Top shelf, right:
Bible, Book and pens, Testament, Dance card
"Life preserver" memento, Commission pennant, Flag

IMAGE Taken from PLAN
Top shelf, left:
Shrapnel, Radio name plate (Japanese), 50-cal. MG cases, MG projectile, Armor piercing projectile
Top shelf, right:
Piece of torpedo plane (no photo), Halyard snaps, Ring wheel from bomber (no photo), Case with shrapnel
Middle shelf:
Flag recovered from USS Arizona
Kerchief, Muster roll (no photo), Report of Deposits (no photo), Letter about OOD long glass (no photo), Bombs or flares, Name plate, Scrap books

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

Top shelf:
Long glass, Copy of Your Navy (no photo), Ashtrays, Photo frame, Lighter
Disk sections from AA gun, Fourth of July programs, 1937 and 1938 (no photo), Lamps, Flag with certificate (no photo), Candlesticks, Menus (no photos), Albums, Model of USS Arizona, Shell casings, "Lighthouse" lamps, Medals and photo of sailor (no photo), Sword belt, Emergency signals placard (no photo)

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

Upper right:
WWI commemorative plaque

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

IMAGE Taken from PLAN

Ship model
Lower right:
Memorial plaque for Esther Ross Hogan
Plaque from USS Sperry

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All photos of objects from the Arizona memorial at the UA - © Robert F. Walker, S.U. Photo Service