USS Arizona - Damage

Damage to the Arizona from the attack and salvage operations.  A larger image (160K) is available

This image shows the current state of the Arizona, compared to a drawing of its pre-war condition in the background.  Note in particular the way the two forward turrets have dropped.  The exploding magazines were directly under these turrets and destroyed the structural support for the gun turrets and barbettes on which they rested.  The foremast toppled forward for the same reason.  During salvage operations, divers attempting to enter this area from further aft reported that the ship's decks gradually pinched together until further progress forward became impossible.  Salvage operations involved removing the two main gun turrets aft, all of the ships superstructure and the guns from turret two.  In the area of the most damage, the hull above the ship's main armor belt is missing, apparently as a combination of the explosion and subsequent salvage which involved the removal of metal from the hull that was projecting out from the side of the ship.

The plans of the sunken Arizona are from the publication, Submerged cultural resources study. USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor national historic landmark  [catalog record] , the report by the National Park Service on the survey work they did during the 1980's.  The background drawing is adapted from Breyer, Siegfried.  Battleships and battle cruisers, 1905-1970.  [catalog record]

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