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USS Arizona - Christening and Launch

Invitation (front)
Invitation (back)
Invitation to the launching of the USS Arizona, donated by CWO3 James R. Lord Sr. USMCR Retired.

From the library's Special Collections, the scrapbooks catalog record of Governor of Arizona, George W. P. Hunt
The launching of the Arizona. (105K)

The delegation from Arizona at the launch of Arizona. Miss Esther Ross in holding the christening bottles and halyard. The man visible behind her hat is Governor of Arizona, George Hunt. (54K)

Bottles used at the christening of the USS Arizona. Bottle at left is inscribed "Presented by the M Hummel Wine Co., Miss Esther Ross...for the christening of the USS Arizona at Navy Yard Brooklyn N.Y., June 19, 1915." The bottle on the right contained the first water over the spillway of Roosevelt Dam. The cage holding it was made from copper provided by J. C. Greenway, of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company (later one of the contributors toward purchasing the ship's silver service) and the New Cornilia Copper Company of Bisbee, Arizona. It was designed by Walter Hoge and furnished to the Arizona delegation by the Arizona Republican newspaper of Phoenix. (25K)

Official badge presented at the launching of USS Arizona, Brooklyn Navy Yard. Presented by Mrs. Wm. Hoggan. A contemporary newspaper article describes the comemorative badges distributed at the launching of the Arizona (from the Hunt scrapbooks catalog record) (20K)

On June 19th, 1915, the employees of the New York Navy Yard sponsored a banquet to celebrate the launching of the USS Arizona.

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