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USS Arizona - Memorial

Painting of the memorial

Painting of the USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Photo of the memorial
Photo courtesy of Stuart Glogoff
Photo of the memorial
Photo by Gene Spesard

Photos of the Arizona Memorial. In the photograph on the left the barbette of turret three (the heavy armor that supported the rotating turret) is visible in front of the memorial.

The shrine room, left side The shrine room, middle The shrine room, right side

Photos by Gene Spesard
The names of those lost on the Arizona are engraved on a marble wall in the shrine room, at the end of the memorial opposite the boat landing.

Photo of Arizona from memorial

Photo by Gene Spesard
The Arizona viewed from the north side of the memorial. Over 900 crewmen remain entombed in the sunken ship.

Arizona from the USS Missouri

Photo by Gene Spesard
Battleship row, 1999 - the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri. The Arizona marks the tragic entry of the United States into World War II. On the veranda deck of the Missouri (just to the starboard of the second 16 inch gun turret in this photo), the signing of the Japanese surrender document ended the war.

If you plan to visit the memorial, please note (from the National Park Service Web site):
No purses, handbags, backpacks, camera bags, diaper bags, or other items that offer concealment will be allowed in the visitor center or on the Memorial tour. Strollers with pockets and compartments will not be allowed. Baggage storage lockers will not be available.

Embedded Off-site links:
names of those lost on the Arizona is from Pearl Harbor: Rembered
On the veranda deck of the Missouri is from the Naval Historical Center
Japanese surrender document is from the National Archives and Records Administration

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