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USS Arizona - Photo Sources

Throughout this exhibit, materials from the University of Arizona Library Special Collections are identified by the accession number to the right of the image. Photographs from other sources are listed below:

USS Arizona - "that terrible day" homepage images:
Top of page - Still Picture Branch (NNSP) of the National Archives and Records Administration, 80-G-32420.
USS Arizona - Objects from UA Library Special Collections and USS Arizona - Student Union Memorial Exhibit:
All photos of objects from the Arizona memorial at the UA - copyright Robert F. Walker, S.U. Photo Service. For copies contact Special Collections.
USS Arizona - Memorial
The first photograph of the memorial in Pearl Harbor is courtesy of Stuart Glogoff (copyright 1996, Stuart Glogoff) The rest of the photographs of the memorial, the Arizona and the Missouri are by Gene Spesard (copyright 1999, Leo Eugene Spesard)

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