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      Indexes to many book review sources:

Book Review Index Online
1965 to present online. Index to book reviews found in nearly 700 sources, including TLS, NY Review of Books, NYT Book Review, Kirkus Reviews, Choice, etc. No full text here, but may be available elsewhere; select "Get Full Text or Document Delivery" for options.

      Individual book review sources:

Choice Reviews
1988 to present online; earlier in print at Z1035 .C5 (1969-2004) or Microfilm 6394 (1964-1979)

Kirkus Reviews
1991 to present online; earlier on Microfilm 6727 (back to 1965)

New York Review of Books
1963 to present online

New York Times Book Review.
1985 to present online; earlier in print at Z1035.A1 N4 (1896-1981)
Index to 1896-1970 at Z1035.A1 N42 Main Ref.

TLS, Times Literary Supplement
1994 to present online
Be careful to follow the directions about how to log in.

Other databases that contain book reviews

The way that book reviews are indexed varies from database to database. The easiest way is to limit by publication type if that's an option. If it's not, type the word “review” as part of the search.

Academic Search Complete
1980 to present
Type the author’s name and title of book being reviewed. Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Select Document Type “Book Review.”

General OneFile
1980 to present
Type the name of the author of the book in one search box and the title of the book in the next search box. Limit to Peer Reviewed for scholarly journals.

Humanities International Complete
1925 to present
Type the author of the book in one search box and the title of the book in another. Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. After the search has been executed, there is an option of choosing book reviews.

Use Advanced Search. Limit by Type “Review.” Type the title of the work in the search screen and change the drop-down box to Article Title.

Periodical Archives Online Full Text
Journals published between 1802 and the 1990s. Select Article Search, then make sure only the Book Reviews box is checked under "search in." Works best to search by author of book.

Readers’ Guide Retrospective.
Change Document type to “Book Review.”
Web of Science: Arts & Humanities Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index

Some from 1898 to present
Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Index to core journal articles and cited references. Includes some abstracts. Book reviews automatically "cite" the book being reviewed. You can search by book author, then limit the cited references to just book reviews rather than a particular title being listed in an articles bibliography.

Wilson OmniFile Full Text Select
1990s to present
Change Document type to “Book Review.”

Online sources for specific subjects

America: History and Life
1964 to present
About the U.S. and Canada, but may find some reviews of books about British history. Go to the Document Type box on the right hand side and choose Book Reviews.

ATLA Religion Database
1949 to present
Index to literature of all traditions, with special strength in Judaism and Christianity. Includes book reviews. Limit publication type to Reviews.

Letopisʹ re︠t︡senziĭ
1998 to present online; earlier in print at Z2495 .L65 (1964-1993)
Index to book reviews in the Russian language.

Paper sources

Book Review Digest
Z1219 C96  Main Ref.
    1905-2005 (volumes before 1994 in Main stacks)
Book Review Index to Social Science Periodicals

Z1035 A1 B63 Main Ref.
Book Review Index
Master cumulations, 1965-1997
    Z1035 A1 B61  Main Ref
Annual cumulations, 1998-2005
    Z1035 A1 B6  Main Ref
Also Online 1965-present
Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals, 1802-1974
AI3 C652 1982  Main Ref.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974
Z1035.A1 C6  Main Ref.
Index to Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals
Z6205 .I4  Main Ref.
Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities
Z1035 A1 I63  Main Ref.
    1960-1974; 1976-1991

Technical Book Review Index
Z7913 .T36 Science Engineering Library

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