Data Services: Library Resources & Services

Data available through the Library

Need a Data Set We Don't Have?
Ask us -- if we can, we'll get a copy for you. Higher priority may be given to those serving curriculum needs of a large number of students. Data sets that support advanced research for smaller numbers of graduate students or researchers will be acquired when the budget permits it. The Library is interested in working with researchers funded through grants to consider building in these funds for acquiring data sets. 

Getting Help

  • Need help finding a data set in the Library?   
    Reference staff at the Information Commons Desks in the Main and Science Libraries can identify whether or not the Library provides access to a particular data set and how that access is provided. How do you find us?   
  • Librarians are the primary contact to academic departments and market available products and services to them.  This means we want to know your needs and will work with you to provide you with the services and data products you need.
  • Looking For Help with GIS Data?
    This page, " GIS Services Available in the Library ," will tell you where to find help. 

Other Services

  • Need to copy or subset a data set?
    Users will be able to copy data sets they are working with, in whole or in part, as needed and as provided for in fair use guidelines of copyright laws. Where can you find a workstation?
  • Access to Geographic Information Systems software (ArcGIS) and the campus’ most commonly used statistical packages (e.g. SPSS and SAS) is available through the Library’s Information Commons. 

Who We Serve

  • Key customers of data services offered by the Library include faculty and other researchers, students, and staff of the University of Arizona. This means they are entitled to the fullest access possible and to all services provided.
  • Other "non-affiliated" customers have open access to all data sets served over the Web (or in other ways) provided they are in the Library or on campus. They may also use walk-in services provided.
  • Provision of in-depth services to non-affiliates will be decided and provided on a case-by-case basis.


Last modified: August 28, 2012