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Anthropology: Films and Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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Cakchiquel Maya of San Antonio Palopó (1991)

A Granada production; produced and directed by Bruce MacDonald.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (52 min.)
SERIES Disappearing world.
SUBJECTS Cakchikel Indians.
SUBJECTS Indians of Central America -- Guatemala.
SUBJECTS San Antonio Palopó (Guatemala)
Media Video F1465.2.C3 C34 1991

Canyon de Chelly (1984, C1979)

Written and produced by Bonnie James; executive producer, Bill Miller.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (29 min.)
SERIES Copper state cavalcade.
SUMMARY A tour of Canyon de Chelly in Arizona, including a profile of the ancient Pueblo culture that once inhabited the area. Sites of ruins and rock carvings are featured, as well as a history of the Navaho Nation's struggle to reclaim the area from white settlers.
SUBJECTS Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Ariz.)
SUBJECTS Indians of North America -- Arizona -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Navajo Tribe -- History.
SUBJECTS Pueblo Indians -- Arizona -- Antiquities.
Media Video F817.C3 C36 1984

Carthage: A Mirage of Antiquity (1987)

A presentation of American Museum of Natural History [and] University of Arizona, KUAT-TV; [designed by David Soren.]
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (VHS) (27 min.)
SERIES Natural history video.
SUMMARY Examines the history and artistic accomplishments of ancient Tunisia from the ninth millennium B.C. to the Arab invasion in the seventh century A.D., and traces this land's three great cultures: the Berber, Phoenician (Punic), and Roman. Includes footage of ancient and modern Berber life styles.
OTHER TITLE Carthage: a mosaic of ancient Tunisia.
SUBJECTS Carthage (Extinct city)
SUBJECTS Tunisia -- Civilization.
SUBJECTS Tunisia -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Excavations (Archaeology) -- Tunisia.
Media Video DT269.C32 C34 1987

The Chaco Legacy (1988)

Public Broadcasting Associates, Inc.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (VHS) (59 min.)
SERIES Odyssey.
SUMMARY Examines archaeological theories about the rise and fall of Chacoan culture, which had a high level of technical development and flourished over 900 years ago in the area of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Shows their extensive water control system, the large network of roads they constructed and several mammoth structures they built. Includes a history of the different excavation projects.
SUBJECTS Pueblo Indians -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Chaco Canyon (N.M.) -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Excavations (Archaeology) -- New Mexico.
SUBJECTS New Mexico -- Antiquities.
Media Video E99.P9 C45 1988

Changing the Menu (1988)

A Demimonde Production in association with Quantum Films and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (VHS) (60 min.)
SERIES Man on the rim, the peopling of the Pacific.
SUMMARY Dr. Alan Thorne presents the story of how people changed from hunters and gatherers to farmers and herders in Southeast Asia,China, and the Pacific islands off the coast of Asia. He shows how this process is still taking place in some of these areas.
SUBJECTS Ethnology -- East Asia.
SUBJECTS Asia, Southeastern -- Civilization.
SUBJECTS China -- Civilization -- To 221 B.C.
SUBJECTS Oceania -- Civilization.
Media Video DU28 .M36 1988

City of the Gods (1993)

DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (28 min.)
SUMMARY 50 miles north of modern Mexico City stands the ancient site of Teotihuacán. Built more than 2,000 years ago, the city's colossal pyramids of the sun and moon are the largest pre-Columbian monuments in the New World. But who built and lived in this metropolis held sacred by the later Aztecs?
SUBJECTS Teotihuacán Site (San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico)
SUBJECTS Indians of Mexico -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Mexico -- Antiquities.
Media F1219.1.T27 C58 1993

The Civilizations of Mexico (1986)

Written by Marie-France Briselance; directed by J.C. Morin; and, produced by Alain Castanet.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (14 min.)
SERIES Spain in the New World.
SUMMARY Covers Mexican civilizations from 5th century B.C. to the invasion of the Spaniards in 16th century A.D. Included are the Mayas and Aztecs.
SUBJECTS Mexico -- Civilization.
SUBJECTS Mexico -- Discovery and exploration.
SUBJECTS Aztecs -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Mayas -- Antiquities.
Media Video F1210 .C58 1986

Colonial Six (1967)

Produced by TR Productions for Plimoth Plantation, inc.
DESCRIPTION 16mm reel (25 min.)
SUMMARY Chronicles the events of an archaeological excavation on the site of the home of William Bradford II, son of the second governor of Plymouth Colony. Shows how the history of occupancy of the site is reconstructed, and displays some of the uncovered artifacts.
SUBJECTS Plymouth (Mass.) -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS United States -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
SUBJECTS Excavations (Archaeology)
Media Film D-7127

Contact: The Yanomami Indians of Brazil (1990)

Producer/camera Geoffrey O'Connor.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (28 min.)
SUMMARY This documentary, shot in one of the most remote corners of the Brazilian Amazon, graphically depicts the devastating impact of contact with the outside world on an isolated indigenous tribe, the Yanomami Indians, who are considered to be the last major Stone Age people in the Amazon.
SUBJECTS Yanomamo Indians.
SUBJECTS Indians of South America -- Brazil.
SUBJECTS Indians, Treatment of -- Brazil.
Media Video F2520.1.Y3 C66 1990

Corn and the Origins of Settled Life in Meso-America (1964)

Michael D. Coe, with Paul C. Mangelsdorf, Richard S. MacNeish.
DESCRIPTION 2 16mm film reels (40 min.).
SUMMARY Shows how the development of corn contributed to the development of settled life by providing a dependable food source. Postulates an extinct common ancestor of modern corn, and reconstructs its probable characteristics. Uses evidence from an archeological site in central Mexico as support of the theory.
SUBJECTS Corn -- Mexico.
SUBJECTS Mexico -- History -- To 1519.
SUBJECTS Indians of Mexico -- Agriculture.
Media Film E-5610

Cotton Growing and Spinning (1967)

DESCRIPTION 16mm reel (6 min.)
SERIES African village life.
SUMMARY Primitive methods of growing, rolling, and spinning cotton among the Dogon tribe on the Niger River.
Media Film A-8316

The Country of the Twelve Peoples (the Etruscans) (1975)

Arnoldo Mondadori editore; by Luciano
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (27 min.)
SERIES Research into the past.
SUMMARY Surveys the first Italian civilization, that of the Etruscans. Briefly discusses the history of Etruria and shows tombs, ruins of cities, frescoes, and statuary.
SUBJECTS Etruscans.
SUBJECTS Etruria -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Art, Etruscan.
Media Video DG223 .C68 1975

Cragghunowen: Back to the Bronze Age (1993)

Written, produced, and directed by Joe O'Donnell.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (25 min.)
SUMMARY Crannogs, wattle fences, pottery, and other Bronze Age artifacts are accurately reproduced and the everyday life of Bronze Age people dramatically reenacted at the Craggaunownt Project (Quin, Co. Clare, Ireland) in this documentation of what life might have been like in Ireland more than two millennia ago.
SUBJECTS Bronze age -- Ireland.
SUBJECTS Ireland -- Antiquities.
SUBJECTS Craggaunowent Project (Quin, Clare, Ireland)
Media Video GN778.22.I73 C72 1993


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