Anthropology: Films and Videos in the University of Arizona Library

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First Contact (1984)

Arundel Productions.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (VHS) (54 min.)
SUMMARY Recounts the discovery of a flourishing native population in the interior highlands of New Guinea in 1930 in what had been thought to be an uninhabited area. Inhabitants of the region and surviving members of the Leahy brothers' gold prospecting party recount their astonishment at this unforeseen meeting. Includes still photographs taken by a member of the expedition and contemporary footage of the island's terrain.
SUBJECTS Ethnology -- New Guinea.
SUBJECTS First contact of aboriginal peoples with Westerners.
Media Video GN671.N5 F57 1984

Fishing on the Niger (1967)

DESCRIPTION 16mm reel (18 min.)
SERIES African village life.
SUMMARY The Bozo people of Mali make nets, fish, and smoke catch for sale at market.
NOTE No narration; natural sounds only.
Media Film B-8329

The Five Suns: A Sacred History of Mexico (1996)

Aa film by Patricia Amlin.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (55 min.).
SUMMARY An animated depiction of the creation myth of 16th century native Mexicans.
SUBJECTS Indian mythology -- Mexico.
SUBJECTS Creation.
SUBJECTS Indians of Mexico -- Religion.
SUBJECTS Aztecs -- Religion.
Media Video F1219.3.R38 F58 1996

The Forbidden Goddess (1993)

A presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences; produced in association with the Archaeological Institute of America.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (28 min.)
SUMMARY Recent work in archeology is revealing the role of the goddess Asherah in the religion of the early Israelites.
NOTE Originally presented on television show Archeology on The Learning Channel.
SUBJECTS Asherah (Semitic deity)
SUBJECTS Mother goddesses.
SUBJECTS Israel -- Antiquities.
Media Video BL1605.A7 F67 1993

Four Families (1965)

National Film Board of Canada.
DESCRIPTION 2 16mm reels (60 min.)
CONTENTS pt. 1. India and France.--pt. 2. Japan and Canada.
SUMMARY Depicts a year-old baby from an average-income family in each of four countries - India, France, Japan and Canada - in order to compare child-rearing practices. Anthropologist Margaret Mead shows how these practices contribute to a distinctive national character.
SUBJECTS Child rearing.
SUBJECTS Infants -- Health and hygiene.
Media Film D-7175

Franz Boas, 1858-1942 (1980)

Public Broadcasting Associates.
DESCRIPTION 1 videocassette (60 min.)
SERIES Odyssey.
SUMMARY Shows the influence and impact Boas had on shaping the course of anthropology in America with specific emphasis on his studies of North American Indians.
Media Video GN21.B56 F7


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